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I have 8 years of experience with Yz4life Junkyard Performance skills in Buffalo, NY. I also have 14 years of experience with Yz4life Systems Computer/Networking skills.
My education and credentials include Machinist experience=2 years,car repair= 6 years,auto body and paint,2 years.

Profile Summary:
Yz4life Junkyard Performance Buffalo, NY
Yz4life Systems Computer/Networking Buffalo, NY
My Skills

Yz4life Junkyard Performance

Category: Automobiles
I have gathered a team together to form car tasks. We have people to paint cars,repair,customize and even buy cars at auctions. Were still in the works, but by 2009, i think well be ready to get ahead of the game with way lower the shop rates and the ability to shop around and even get parts(at the customers request) from auto recycling yards to save the people of wny money.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Machinist experience=2 years,car repair= 6 years,auto body and paint,2 years
Years Experience: 8

Yz4life Systems Computer/Networking

Category: Computers / IT
Since the computer business has been booming and very hard to keep up with, i have decided to train 2 other nerds that i though were good enough with the computer to train myself with what little time i have. I do a job by the day not by the hour. 30-70 dollars a day!
Thats all, Not some outlandish 100/hr!
Relevant Education / Credentials
ccna certified course credits,A+ course study completed,digital electronics certification, macromedia certified in 2 programs.
Years Experience: 14