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4th Quarter Youth Sports (Speed, Agility, Strength, Conditioning)

4th Quarter Youth Sports specializes in making young athletes faster, stronger, more agile and explosive. It’s a program where everyone who trains is trained and treated like an elite athlete. At 4th Quarter Youth Sports, we believe that a true athlete trains their mind and body to perform in the 4th quarter, just as efficiently as it does in the 1st quarter. To achieve this you must prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We believe that if you want to perform like a professional, you should train with and like one.

VERY affordable.

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Youth sports training Clovis, CA
Student athlete training program Clovis, CA
Certified youth sports trainers Clovis, CA
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Our staff includes former professional,Div 1, and some high school standouts, with a mindset of giving each and every student athlete a competitive edge within their specified sport.
Various training certs.
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4th Quarter Youth Sports (Speed, Agility, Strength, Conditioning) is located in Clovis, CA and has the following skills: Youth sports training, Student athlete training program, Certified youth sports trainers
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Youth sports training

Category: Training
4Q's trainers have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to excel to the next level. 4Q's programs are designed to help each young student-athlete reach and exceed their personal training goals. Regardless of which training regimen a young student-athlete decides to utilize, we promise the following features: character development, nutritional advice and sport-specific program development.

Additionally, we emphasize the significance of accountability. Every young student-athlete that trains with 4Q is part of the 4Q family, and therefore, is held accountable for his or her success. If a young student-athlete is willing to make the effort, 4Q will too. The end result is a unparallel level of physical and mental development that can’t be equaled anywhere else.
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Years Experience: 10

Student athlete training program

Category: Sports / Recreation
The mission of 4Q Youth Sports is to provide specific training to young student-athletes, with a functional training program designed to your individual needs.

There are 7 pillars to training properly:

1) Warm up and Flexibility - The purpose of the warm-up and flexibiltyportion is to increase the strength of a joint at an extended range of motion and ensure that the athlete is warmed up prior to training.

2) Speed Development - The purpose of speed development is to enhance the athlete's linear and multi-directional speed by implementing running technique at maximum speeds.

3) Power Strength - The purpose of power strength is to help improve the athlete's overall pure strength and lean muscle mass by using three basic exercise principles of pressing, squatting, and various auxiliary lifts. By manipulating volume and intensity, we are able to develop basic strength that is necessary for muscle growth.

4) Explosive Strength - The purpose of explosive strength is to help improve the athlete's speed, power and flexibility by using various multi-joint exercises. These exercises are closely related to the movements involved in any explosive sport, therefore will aid the athlete in competition.

5) Explosive Movements - The purpose of explosive movements is to enhance the athlete's explosiveness by teaching and coordinating the body along specific lines of movements. One important qualification must be made when speaking about these types of exercises: they must be performed at 100% effort

6) Conditioning Program - The purpose of a sound conditioning program is to prepare the athlete for the rigors of the upcoming season. Through the preparatory levels the athlete's recovery time will also be reconditioned to improve their cardiovascular efficiency.

7) Nutrition Program - Our nutritional program is designed to educate the athletes on the importance of diet and healthy food choices.
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Years Experience: 10

Certified youth sports trainers

Category: Services

Athletes 7 -18 yrs old
Speed Training
Agility Training
Strength Training
Nutrition Advice
Sport Specific Training
Performance and Goal Tracking
Flexible Schedule
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10