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You can get out of that upside-down mortgage!

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Are you looking at this because your home is underwater? Have you stopped making your mortgage payments? Are you thinking about walking away from your home? Please read this message and speak to us before you make any hasty decisions that could affect the rest of your life.

Is your mortgage upside-down? Are you considering bankruptcy because of your overwhelming mortgage problems? I will inform you how you can get out of an upside-down mortgage and most likely avoid bankruptcy in the process.

And best of all, there is absolutely no charge to you! We will never ask you to pay us any money at any time for any of the information we provide. We will inform you of various options you can use to solve your problems and put your mind at ease.

Many times the solution to getting out of an upside-down home is a short sell. If structured properly, a short sell will not greatly affect your credit score and you could potentially buy another home at today’s amazing prices almost immediately! The secret here is knowing how to present the short sell offer to the lender. Most Real Estate agents simply aren’t good at short sells, but we specialize and excel at them..

To hear more information on Short Sales please call my 24 hour recorded message at 877-3-CARMEN.

And now a quick note on our exciting new referral program! If you refer a friend or family member to Carmen Consulting, and that referral results in us completing a short sale for them, you will get $500 cash once the deal finalizes! No strings attached, just make sure you leave your friend or family member’s contact information as well as a brief description of their troubles.

So.. if you would you be open to discussing opportunities that could relieve you of this burden, for absolutely no fee to you, please contact me immediately for help!

Get back your piece of mind and sleep well again. Learn what options are available to you, for free!

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