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Thank you for viewing my BIO. I am a loving, passionate individual who is kind, responsible and upbeat. I love to dance, laugh and love... everyday! This I believe keeps us happy and in the moment! I am a mother. I love Yoga and have practiced for 9 years. I now want to teach and spread my passion and the benefits of yoga with all. I believe that through a yogic lifesyle of non-violence, patience, serenity, personal meditation and regular asana practice, kindness, respect for oneself and the world, the world would be a better place!

Profile Summary:
Yoga Instructor San Jose, CA
Childcare/ Nanny San Jose, CA
My Skills

Yoga Instructor

Category: Health / Fitness
To receive my Intructor certification, I must complete community service by instructing Yoga for free. I am passionate about Yoga and would love to share my knowledge and experience of this art with everyone.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Level One Beginner Yoga Instruction
Years Experience: 9

Childcare/ Nanny

Category: Childcare
I have 9 years childcare experience with newborns, toddlers, kindergarteners. I love children. I beleive that everyone has to spend at least an hour a week with children. Children live in the moment and appreciate life at a very new and innocent level. I am also a mom and have been blessed to watch my child everyday!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Nanny and babysitter
Years Experience: 9