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By Susan Louise Darnell Try 774- 280- 2496 Good luck.
Send flowers to 78 E. Broadway, Gardener, Massachusetts: Attention to my agent: W.T.Brooks. The flowers will get to me.


To Liana, for whom the bell doth now toll


I began to call anyone I knew that I could call friend and say “It’s coming now, the next manuscript is coming now! Will you read this new baby?” And so it was that in my fifth decade, an almost last ditch effort began. Since I write in my waking dream state, everything I’m writing in the acknowledgements has not happened yet. I’m going to make it happen with the help of spirit and artist, two parts of me that won’t die, not yet.

The first person I’d like to thank is Liana Holmberg. She gave me attention during a visit at the North Hampton Hotel in Massachusetts one hot day after the wedding of her now new brother in law. I desperately needed to look into the eyes of a healer and literary artist, and there she was. Although I had heard of her talent and read some of her work, I had no special reason to believe she could help me until that day.

Chapter 1
House Sitting For Working People

I still can’t remember a time when I was allowed to feel anything or know anything let alone talk about it out loud. Childhood was an interior experience and since I knew no rules about how to deal with my life after school authorities were done with me each day, I followed the general idea of my parents.

“Jack and Sue are home.” I’d announce to the house or my one sibling and our dog Knobby, if either were around.

Not until I was older did my father and mother ever realize I called them by their first name. I named them after the Jack and Jill kid story because I kept seeing them tumbling down a hill and getting
Work Experience:
SUSAN LOUISE DARNELL Short Resume Contact: Email daily Legends@Alum.Dartmouth.ORG P.O. Box 84 Hadley, MA 01035 Use email first, then I will phone you promptly. My phone lines changes due to my geographical movements. However, in case of emergency, you can phone 203-494-4003

International Communication Expert Team. Director and Inventor of this group. We are open to travel anywhere and listen to what you are doing, to conduct brainstorming sessions, think tanks, and sequences of learning experiences to enhance the performance of an individual, or group. Global.
English Language School. First school held in Hyderabad, Andre Pradesh. India. 2006. Ongoing offering for three week session, summer term, in various parts of the world. I designed, implemented and sold an English Language School course packet. Approximately one hundred people flowed through our school at various intervals in this summer 2006 project. Emphasis varied according to level. We worked with English which emphasized “Spoken English” and an advanced syllabus for “Speech Communication and Presentation Methods.”

Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire. Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies. Writing, cross-disciplinary focus. 2001
University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii. B.A Liberal Studies. Pre-Law focus and writing, with a cross-disciplinary. Dean’s List. 1996
American University Washington, DC. B.A. Education. Magna Cum Laude. Phi Kappa Phi. Dean’s list. 1972
Other Colleges Attended Vincennes Jr. College, Indiana; Kent State Univ., Ohio; Youngstown State Univ., Ohio; Wesleyan Univ., Connecticut.

College Teaching Experience
Capital Community College, Hartford, CT; Asnuntuck Community College, Enfield, CT; Gateway Community College, New Haven, CT; Albertus Magnus College, New Haven, CT. Humanities Department in all colleges. Adjunct Faculty in English Composition. Special area: Teaching critical appreciation of the forms of rhetoric and co
3 degrees, 20 years training
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