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Johnny Blue Star

Three and a half years ago, after spending a lifetime of creating a wide variety of media projects, I decided to develop my work as a freelance writer, helping myself and others to perpetuate their media dreams. So far, it has been very successful and I have helped create a wide range of useful projects, including several proprietary film and television franchise projects.

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Writing for a Variety of Media Palm Springs, CA
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Films, weightlifting, aerobics, martial arts, books- particularly on personal development and political policy issues, goal-setting and personal development, manifestation and consciousness.
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I offer a comprehensive freelance writing service created for the purpose of helping you develop your media dream. In my three years as working as a freelance writer, I have successfully worked on projects like full length screenplays, novels, non-fiction books, ebooks major web content as well as articles, press releases; TV and radio commercials, short stories, children's books. The fact is- I write both fiction and non-fiction and am interested in a very wide range of content and media. I also offer major collaboration agreements for those wishing to invest in a film or book with my participation in marketing and promotion.
1979-1980 UNIVERSITY OF TULSA, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Student: Bachelor of Science degree. Communications degree focused on television production, but took courses in Journalism, Advertising, Broadcast Speech, Acting, Dialects for Actors, FCC Law, etc.

1967-1968 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, School of Continuing Education. Student: New York City, NY Student: In Columbia, I began to study Middle Eastern literature and Persian language, partially as a result of my studies of Rumi and my quest for more satisfying answers. It was during this period that I began to develop a screenwriting co-operative.

1963-1966 ST. JOHN’S COLLEGE, Annapolis, Maryland. Student: After three and a half years of studying the Classics, I began to think more about films, which began to enchant me with their possibilities. Whereas in High School, I was interested in philosophy and literature, I began to believe that the Western philosophic tradition was deficient and I spent a lot of private time, searching for a more satisfying point of view.

1960-1963 CALHOUN HIGH SCHOOL, North Merrick, New York. Student: In tenth grade, I began experimentation with “Beat” poetry, where I was influenced by Allen Ginsburg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Gregory Curso. By 11th grade, I had discovered classical literature and learned how to write metered verse in all forms, including classical sonnets. Simultaneously, was exposed to the Neo-classical poets and W.B. Yeats. After undertaking a study of plays, ranging from the Ancient Greeks (Aeschylus, Sophocles, Aristophanes) to Elizabethan to modern theater, I undertook to write contemporary plays in Neo-Classical verse. It was probably by virtue of this route, rather than my grades, that permitted my acceptance in St. John’s College, which specialized in a classics program based on the Great Books.
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