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Hi, my name is Scott. I enjoy writing lyrics and then creating music to record for the songs. I'm very creative and have made 5 CDs over the past five years, three this year. They are called: "Rockin' In The Zone",
"When Dreams Cross", "Goin' For Broke",
"Another Ounce Of Madness", and "Hiding Under Shadows." The majority are from the over three hundred songs I wrote in from 2000-2002. I really enjoy the challenge of someone coming up with nothing but a title of a song to work with and creating an entire world within it.
I love the creative process that goes into recording and creating the designes for the packaging. etc.
The entire process from start to finish
and looking forward to the next project.

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Write Lyrics and Create Music Gardner, MA
Painting Gardner, MA
Landscaping Gardner, MA
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Write Lyrics and Create Music

Category: Music
Musical Services Available:
1. Have music put to your lyrics or poems. (compare to the going rate of $300. from a songmill) All songs here are original and one-of-a-kind. $75.
2. Have lyrics written for your music. $75.
3. Create a song title and I’ll complete the lyrics And put music to them. $100.
4. Musical Autobiography: everyone has an important story to tell. Write about yourself or someone you
know in a couple paragraphs, the good, bad, or a little of both and I’ll write and sing a song about you or the person you’ll give it to. $100.
5. Musical biographies of the famous and infamous.Write a couple pages of facts about this person And I’ll convert their story into lyrics and put music to it. Please include a bibliography of sources,Authors, publishers,copyrights,etc. $100.
6. Create a clear, snapshot image of a specific moment in your life. Use as many senses as possible to paint your picture.If you can put it into words, I can put in into Lyrics and create music for it. $100.

Instruments include: Saxophone, Flute, harmonica,guitar, keyboards, and synthesizer takes care of the drums and all other instruments.

All songs come with five copies of the CD,Full cover art, back panel art, and CD Label artwork,as well as all shipping costs.
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Years Experience: 8


Category: Services
Scott's All Purpose Painting Service.

If you have a room, garage, house or deck that needs to be painted or stained without a drip, call me up and I'll get it done properly in a zip.
*Two level home prepped and painted $22oo.
*Single Level Home prepped and painted for only $1800.
*One car garage: $500.
* Two car garage: $700.
* Shed: $80-$100
* Decks: $140-$180
Paint and supplies extra,or supplied by home owner.
Scott: 978-632-2913.
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Years Experience: 2


Category: Services
Scott's Landscaping & Yard Clean Up Service.

Start the season off right by enhancing your site.
planting & grooming.
Complete customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Scott 978-632-2913
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Years Experience: 2