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michael bowman

I have 6 years of experience with wolf janitorial & F.L.C skills in Fort Collins, CO.

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wolf janitorial & F.L.C Fort Collins, CO
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Entrapenuerial Intrests ; prefer to work for myself. Knowledge of most custodial skills from supervisor to crew person.
Work Experience:
970-631-8706 & 970-402-0074

Personable, punctual, honest, hard working, dependable and pride self on a job well done.



* Cleaned building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing or vacuuming
*Gathered and emptied trash receptacles
*Serviced, cleaned and supplied restrooms
*Cleaned and polished furniture and fixtures
*Cleaned windows, glass partitions, and mirrors; using soapy water or other cleaners, sponges, doodle-bugs & squeegees.
*Dusted furniture , walls, machines and equipment
*Steam-cleaned or shampooed carpets
*Stripped, sealed, finished and polished floors


* Cooked and prepared foods
*Cashier, order taker, bussed tables and washed tables
*Changed Fountain drink syrups
*Cleaned grills, broilers and fryers
*Took stock and inventory ( truck)
* Dismantled and cleaned: ice-cream and milkshake machines
* Opened and closed store

Temporary Employment:

*Construction clean-ups
*Operated tractors and rollers
*Worked on garbage trucks: special and regular routes
*Cleaned out mold and servoids under house foundations
*Landscape; prepared, maintained and clean-up
*Snow removal
Labor Ready, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Address: 1708 East Lincoln
Phone Number: (970)-221-2275
Dates Worked: 1999-2002, none consecutive

McDonalds, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Address: 2401 South College Avenue
Phone Number: (970)-482-1601
Dates Worked: 2001-2004, none consecutive
Porters Industries Inc., Loveland, CO 80524
Address: South 287
Phone Number: (970)-667-5239
Dates Worked: 1/23/2004 to 7/20/2004

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Address: Palmer Center, 1005 West Laurel St.
Phone Number: H.S.C (970)-491-7171 or Palmer Center (970)-491-6511
Dates Worked: 12/14/2004 to 5/16/2005
(Temporary Relief Crew)

Hardees restaurant, Hot Springs, South Dakota 7046
Address: Hot Springs,
11 th grade
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michael bowman is located in Fort Collins, CO and has the following skills: wolf janitorial & F.L.C
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wolf janitorial & F.L.C

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November 11, 2008

Michael J. Bowman
719 Aztec #c
Fort Collins, CO 80521
Pho: 970-631-8129
Cell: 970-402-0074

My name is Michael Bowman, and I am pleased to introduce to you a new company, a long standing dream of mine called wolf janitorial, floor care and maintenance.

I have been in the janitorial industry since I was only thirteen years old. Starting out with a small business owned and operated by my mother and aunt. It was called dj’s cleaning service. I have learned from and worked for some of the leading janitorial companies in northern Colorado.

With knowledge in all the aspects in cleaning, I have gone through chemical and blood- born pathogen training. Machine training from the Nobles equipment company. And I have been trained as a floor care specialist in most types of hard- floors by Colorado state university “ that of which takes a great deal of pride, and a professional approach, to a job- well done.”

With over six years experience and knowledge as a custodian one through three. I have the qualifications necessary both in the field and in management position, to complete with satisfaction any task given to me.

I am honest, trustworthy and dependable. Characteristics ( among many others) which I know will one day make Wolf Janitorial and FLC leading in it’s industry. This is my dream, and I am putting my heart and soul into making it tangible.

Behind me “ and my biggest inspiration” in this endeavored is my fiancé. Breanne Ross who is a stay at home mom to our four month old son Caleb. She is truly the foundation of this dream of mine. She is knowledgeable in graphic and web design and has training in business and book keeping.

I have had this idea for a long time. But while thinking big I must start small. I promise a reasonable bid on the work before me. And hard work to satisfy my customers. So if you are searching for a new and dedicated cleaning service, you have just fou
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 6