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Spending half my life as a paramedic and trauma nurse was very satisfying and rewarding and only after being hurt on a call did I realize I had the inkling to paint. How that happened is a long story but some 20 years later I find myself still working and providing the best in business art, window designs and murals in primarily Montana and Texas but have also done work in Oregon, California, Idaho and Washington. My idea has always been to provide quality work at a reasonable price and to do public and private art that creates happiness and smiles for customers of a business or the private commissioner. I paint window splash and other promotional graphics but have developed a blend of nature and tranquility in the art I do for businesses that is high quality and presents a positive image for the business. I am currently moving my business to the Houston, Texas area and will be in the area to set up from July 9-22. I love to paint and love art and all the ways it can be used to message others, especially potential customers and love to paint for Christmas and would say my work during the holidays is second to none...anywhere, and at a reasonable price. I love nature and live on the Clark Fork River east of Missoula and love to travel with my craft.

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Window Art Clinton, MT
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Window Art

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A unique blend of art and advertising print that is eye catching and promotes a positive image for any buisiness with a smiling customer entering the door. This is especially important for point of contact sales for businesses and my work is both seasonal and permanent. Done with acrylic paints that are weather resistant, I can paint oceans, mountains ( my specialty), sports figures, cartoons and much more. Individually designed and unique for that business or home.
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22 years experience, Missoula walking Art Tour ( 4 pieces currently), appeared in National Geographic and have long experience with many of the foremost businesses in western Montana.
Years Experience: 22