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I’m a Budding, Honest, Hungry Investor .. Grew up with a Dad who was a Landlord and hung around him always being fascinated .. Jumped in as a R.E. agent a long time ago, didn’t like the driving around of the potential home buyers part of the business and move on to a career in I.T.
Also briefly work as a Property Finder which I liked and was very good at back then as well..
I’ve had enough, it’s time for me to pursue my true passion R.E. Investing .. For the last 10 yrs, I’ve studied everything under the sun and have suffered knowledge constipation. I’m truly finally ready to get off the sidelines..
I have leads coming in for bargain properties I’m doing All the research & due diligence, however would enjoy the benefit of an Experienced High Volume Investor here in Atlanta.. Your expertise & guidance throughout these transactions would be profitable for You and would mean the world to me ..

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Wholesale Investor Douglasville, GA
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Wholesale Investor

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