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I am known as The Wish Granter because people bring me their wishes for their personal health and happiness and I help them to grant those wishes more quickly, easily and powerfully or refuse payment!
I am famous for my unreasonable success in helping people move through their challenges. I specialize in:

• Fast, easy, powerful stress management.

• Conquering fear and doubt.

• Eliminating worry - my latest book 'No Worries, Mate' contains the De-Worrying process which money back guarantees to eliminate all worry at its source.

• Clearing negative patterns.

• Problem solving.

• Alternatives to drugs, chemicals & surgery

Profile Summary:
Whole Health San Diego, CA
Advanced Communication San Diego, CA
Personal Empowerment San Diego, CA
Freelance writer San Diego, CA
More About Me
I am a shaman from New Zealand traveling the world having outrageous grand adventures and writing about them so my readers can live vacariously through me
Webmaster skilled in Dreamweaver
internet marketing
Work Experience:
I am a writer and a personal happiness coach whose passion for the last 20 years has been collecting ‘emPOWERment tools’: Skills and techniques to improve quality of life by empowering body mind and spirit to consciously create whatever life you choose.

I teach by example how to use these tools to succeed more quickly, easily and powerfully, in any area of your life.
If you are ready to make dramatic positive changes in your life, I can show you the fastest, easiest, most fun ways of doing it.

At 15 I flew off a cliff on a motorbike, the doctors wanted to amputate my leg, they said I would never walk again. This was the first time I died.

7 years later I was a medal winning ballroom dancer, a professional model, and a highly successful business executive.

At 24 I was so injured in a car accident the doctors said I would be probably be dead or vegetative before I was 30.

By 30 I had co-created, with no initial resources and against all odds, Australia's leading computer support organization. I was the first individual ever to be nominated for an IT&T Award for Excellence in Industry Development. I had become advisor to both State and Federal Government and had literally changed the face of computing in that country.

My formal education ended at 15, I have only ever set foot in a university to lecture. I know nothing about computers even to this day.
These tools work to advance any part of your life regardless of circumstance.

What might you achieve if you use them in your life?

At 34, personal tragedy saw me lose everything for a third time. I went from leader of Australia's Computer Support Industry, to single Mother on welfare, victim of the biggest domestic violence siege ever staged on the Gold Coast of Australia.

5 years later I was a Member of the Australian Association of accredited Alternative & Natural Therapists - AAANT, certified in a variety different holistic health modalities.

This is a sample of what I have done with
I am a psychoneuroimmunologist certified in more than a dozen different holistic health modalities and qualified in many more than that
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JOY ! is located in San Diego, CA and has the following skills: Whole Health, Advanced Communication, Personal Empowerment, Freelance writer
Therapy, Religious / Spiritual, Training, Computers / IT, Writing / Journalism, Communications, Relationships, Services, Motivation / Inspiration, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Whole Health

Category: Health / Fitness
I specialise in hopeless cases! I became a whole health practitioner after Western medicine gave up on me
Relevant Education / Credentials
I am a psychoneuroimmunologist certified in more than a dozen different holistic health modalities and qualified in many more than that
Years Experience: 22

Advanced Communication

Category: Communications
I teach Behavioural Genetics
Learn how other people think, whats importnat to them, why they behave the way they do - without taking the behaviour personally
Relevant Education / Credentials
This was actually part of my Specialised Kinesiology training. To be honest when I was told I could learn how to read someone's face with a proven accuracy of 98%, I thought it was rubbish and set out to disprove it. Skeptics make the best converts!
Years Experience: 16

Personal Empowerment

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
Helping people through their challenge is what I do best!
Don't take my word for it, I guarantee immediate positive results or refuse payment!
Relevant Education / Credentials
I am the queen of triumphing over tragedy! I have lived a life that has formed a foundation to enable me to teach anyone how to overcome any challenge! I am a living example of what can be done!
Years Experience: 25

Freelance writer

Category: Writing / Journalism
I offer my services as a journalist
I specialize in promotional writing
Built every company I created with no initial advertising budget, my skill is making you newsworthy and putting your name on everyone's lips.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Ask me for client testimonials, they speak volumes!
Years Experience: 10