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Bill Welch

It is a pleasure to be able to present to you our line of products. We believe you will find these invigorating and profitable. We feel certain you will be excited with the line and we will be available to discuss the pricing of those products for which you have a specific interest.


Highlighted as one of the top ten innovations, this unique drinking straw, with rotating advertising disc has been used by some of the largest beverage and movie companies world-wide!

Uniqueness of the Woosher…

The only drinking straw that enables direct interaction between a brand logo and the consumption of a drink.

The product allows joint collaboration and sponsorships to be advertised together with any other brand.

The product's form and function are the reasons why it has lead to consumer interest… leading to sales volume increases resulting from repeat customers.

The Woosher Straw is the perfect product for your establishment. It makes the difference that your competitors will envy.

DB Promotions develops and markets these unique licensed merchandise items for; mass retail, specialty and on-line distribution. These unique products will provide the inventory turns you seek to increase bottom line DCP and generate revenues that will help drive your business.

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Check out our New Woosher Straw Presentation currently on YouTube!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.
We wish you the very best of success in all your 2008 endeavors and look forward to a potentially prosperous venture together.

Best Regards,

Bill Welch

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Where Ideas, Become Reality! Charlotte Court House, VA
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Today, on your golf course, your players will create over 2000 new ball marks. If they fix them the old fashioned way with old-fashioned divot tools, Kansas State University research says that those repairs will kill the turf and last for 6 weeks or more. That's over 35,000 ball marks you have to look at, try to putt over where disease and pests can enter.

If you want to stop killing your greens . . . if you want to stop looking at ugly dead browns spots every time you play . . . if you want to putt better and straighter . . . if you want to save $20,000-$40,000 every year ... then install the PGA TOUR GreenFix Ball Mark Elimination System today.

If not for the good of the game, do it for the good of your score.
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Brimz are a patented sunglasses designed with 100% UV protection that incorporates a wrap-around shield lens, with a patented "Clip & Flip" Nylon frame. This frame attaches to the sides of the brim on any standard baseball-style cap or visor. Brimz are MADE in the USA, featuring a shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens that is hard-coated and scratch-resistant. When not in use, Brimz easily flips up and hides beneath the bill of the cap and does not interfere in your line of vision. Several available frame colors make Brimz virtually undetectable. When needed, Brimz flip down perfectly into place….EVERY TIME! Brimz was chosen as "Product of the Year" by Softball Today Magazine in 2002 and HSL Sports.

Brimz are designed to NOT TOUCH THE FACE, offering unmatched comfort and convenience. You can adjust Brimz by easily sliding them along the bill of the hat. This allows a perfect fit every time. Brimz even fit over most prescription eyeglasses!! With Brimz, the consumer has sunglasses when and where they want them. Some people do not want or cannot wear sunglasses all of the time. For most people, sunglasses hanging around the neck and constantly getting in the way is not the preferred option. Brimz addresses all of these concerns and more.
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Bill Welch is located in Charlotte Court House, VA and has the following skills: Where Ideas, Become Reality!
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Where Ideas, Become Reality!

Category: Marketing / Sales
Hands-down, ROLLABANA™ is one of the most effective brand-messaging products in the world today because your brand is put directly in the hands of your customers! When used strategically, the ROLLABANA™ provides your brand with…Maximum Impressions… Maximum Exposure… Maximum Impact… which all leads to a tremendous return on investment for your advertising and promotional expenditures. It´s the ultimate tool to engage the customer with your brand!
The ROLLABANA™ is a self-rolling banner that is comprised of a unique, PATENTED (patent number 5176774) polyester film that displays photo quality logos, images and text. The greatest attribute of the ROLLABANA™ is versatility, as the applications and uses are limitless. Contact us today for suggestions and solutions for customizing a ROLLABANA™ that serves as a RollaMap™, RollaPoster™, RollaShade™ - OR you can create your own banner!

Infringement Awareness: If it does not say “Rollabana™”, it is not a legally authorized, patented product.
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