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I spent the first half of my career working mainly with Haz Mat. I worked as an environmental scientist and specialized in PCB remediation. This included developing sampling plans, chasing hot spots and ultimately cleaning the mess up. I have worked in level “A” exclusion zones on supplied air and wearing a moon suit. Some of my clients included:

* Revlon
* McGraw Hill
* Prudential
* Texas Eastern
* US Pipe
* Many small mom and pop PRP’s

The other half of my life, I spent in the swamp. At some point I noticed that much of the clean-up work was in wetlands. This was something I wished to pursue so I jumped into wetland design and wetland delineation. Sadly, most of my work was still Haz Mat as the swamp was everyone seemed to be dumping all of the nasties. I ended up working on some huge Superfund Projects including:

* Marathon Battery Superfund Site (NY)
* Lapari Landfill Superfund Site (NJ)
* Bristol Landfill Superfund Site (PA)
* Christiana Superfund Site (DE)

I ended up in North Carolina doing wetland mitigation banking projects, mostly for NCDOT projects. This kept me busy for the last 10 years. For the past 5 years I have been teaching a number of wetland classes and running a wetland plant nursery with my wife and six kids. This is where the Swamp School and Cill Ide Naitve Plant Nursery fit in. I still do some consulting for a few engineering companies that includes DOT and DoD work.

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Marc Seelinger, Professional Wetland Scientist is certified by the Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS). He is recognized as a Certified Wetland Delineator by the Baltimore District US Army Corps of Engineers. Marc has over 23 years experience with wetland delineations, functional assessments, stream restoration, mitigation design, watershed planning, BMP design and storm water planning – with storm water BMP certifications in Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina. Recently, Marc has developed design/build wetland and stream restoration projects in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New York and New Jersey. He has conducted hundreds of environmental assessments and provided consultation for major municipal watershed planning projects throughout the U.S.
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