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I lived in Las Vegas for 21 years and learned a lot there. They call me "Metal" Bill, because everything I do has to do with Metal! I love and play Heavy Metal music, love working with metal as far as forming, fabrication and welding. I've kept my very first car, a 1977 Firebird Formula, which I completely resto-modded myself! I'd like to get something started in the welding field here on the East coast and see if I can make something really big!

Profile Summary:
Welder Fabricator Worcester, MA
Classic Car restificator Worcester, MA
Metal Guitar Player Worcester, MA
My Skills

Welder Fabricator

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
Welding and fabrication of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum. Mig, Stick, and Tig welding. Custom cars, brackets, wrought iron, roll cages, etc. Chrome-moly welding! Repairs of damaged, cracked, rusty metal!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Southern Nevada Vocational Tech Center. 15 years experience in welding. Las Vegas Motor Speedway Late-Model race team (Circle Track), Heavy equipment welding repair and fab.
Years Experience: 15

Classic Car restificator

Category: Mechanics
Restored 60's and 70's Musclecars and hot rods. Sheet Metal, Chassis, Transmissions and Gears, Electrical.
Relevant Education / Credentials
All Hands-on experience over the last 15-16 years.
Years Experience: 16

Metal Guitar Player

Category: Music
Had Heavy Metal bands in Las Vegas. Maybe someday soon, I'd like to put together another Metal band here on the East Coast!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Stage presence, ripping chops, recording studio time.
Years Experience: 20