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I am a distributor for Sisel International. A health and life business that is about alerting the public about what chemicals are really in the products we use at home; maily health and beauty aids.

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Weight Loss Lollipops Converse, TX
Eternity---Activate your biology. Converse, TX
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Weight Loss Lollipops

Category: Marketing / Sales
SlenderPOPS are here, sell them now in your store or business. Cherry, Orange, and Grape flavors. These lollipops are sugar-free, fructose-free, preservative-free, and are naturally flavored. These are great kids.
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Eternity---Activate your biology.

Category: Health / Fitness
Eternity is a Resveratrol-based super formula. It works at the cellular level to support creating incredible amounts of energy. You could fell like you are a teenager again!!
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