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Hi my name is Tyler and I am a certified personal trainer, I am currently doing nutrition plans to get people the results they are looking for. Wether it be losing weight, toning up, or building muscle. what you may or may not know is your diet is gonna controll 80-90% of the results you get in the gym. Now this is a very professional system I am using and is not just some chicken scratch on a piece of paper i have a nutrion/diet program that I will be setting you up on, with weekly print outs and weekly check up. The diets will be catered specifically to your needs.

I am offering to buy your first months of supplements with the purchase of a 3 month nutrition counseling program, so right there u will be saving aprox. 150$

You may contact me at for me info or to see my before and after pictures, I used this meal program on myself and lost 60 lbs in 3 months, your results may vary depending on your dedication level, so lets take your results to the next level and get u started today

E-mail me for apt. times, I will only take people on an apt basis
If u are looking for a personal trainer i am certified or can refer you to a great trainer as well

Relevant Education / Credentials
NASM personal trainer supplements sales extensive knoledge
Years Experience: 6