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The art of film expression has been a major part of my life for many years. Expression in its many forms has always been important to me. I have completed one novel, The Origin of Absence, and am currently working on my next, Sugar Has a Spoonful. With 15 completed short films, one 1st place, two 3rd place, four honorable mentions, one documentary, four wedding films, and one PSA, I have found expression through not only words, images, and characters, but also in the non-fiction splendor of actuality. There is something magically pure in spontaneity; the unposed shots within the split second of unawareness. I find so much joy in capturing love. I am engaged to the woman of my dreams; there is nothing more rewarding than unconditional love. Being able to put my heart into these videos has allowed me to see the beauty of life through the infinite spectrum of spirituality.

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Wedding Cinematography Bellevue, WA
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Director/ Cinematographer

Flowers for June- 2006
Short film: a contemporary dialogue on the many faces of love.

Devil Cry in the Promised Land- 2006
Short film: a loose adaptation of chapter five of Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Forgotten- 2006
Short film: a Japanese film (subtitle translation by actors) about a man who loses his memory after falling in love. Won 1st place out 1,400 entries.

Stygian Creek- 2006
Short film: a child is lost in a nightmare that forces him to find the light of day.

The Glass Menagerie- 2007
Short film: an adaptation of Tennessee William’s The Glass Menagerie.

Azrael- 2007
Short film: after a father looses his daughter to a stranger who still roams the night, he seeks her murderer with the help of an angel.

Our Incessant Numbered Days- 2007
Short film: a message film on living life to the fullest and letting go of our past.

The Wedding of Sergio and Tuyen Hidalgo- 2008
Wedding video: Vietnamese and traditional Catholic wedding.

Sean and Joey- 2008
Wedding video (with a full story): a total running time of 50 minutes + extra features. It includes a reenactment of the engagement, extensive preparations of both the bride and groom, ceremony, and all after the ceremony activities.

Sea of Love: The Wedding of Jennifer and Ivan- 2008
Wedding video: a beach wedding arranged by Heather Kotok. Including the ceremony, a balloon release, vows performed by Jennifer, and the cake.

The Life of Katherine Kawamura- 2008
Memoir/documentary: this is a memoir of Katherine Kawamura, a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s, a collection of daily activities and flashback photos with narration.


Flowers for June- 2006

Forgotten- 2006

Stygian Creek- 2006

Azrael- 2007

Our Incessant Numbered Days- 2007


All of the above, excluding Forgotten
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Joriah Goad is located in Bellevue, WA and has the following skills: Wedding Cinematography
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Wedding Cinematography

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Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of personalities; everything from love in the clouds to Gothic vampire love (which will be taking place sometime within the next month or so- think Dracula with a Nosferatu silent film look). I have been involved with film production for a good five years, but only recently have I found the gift of unscripted reality; the gift in capturing a love so bright it moves you outside of your natural state of mind and into a vulnerable place that dances at the hands of your soul. This isn’t a job to me; it is a relationship that grows every step of the way. This is life born in the moment. There is nothing more magical than what is happening right now.

In the world of videographers there are two ways of going about things: hiring someone who owns a camera, or hiring someone who wants to make your day shine in all its beauty. Every wedding has its own personality; my post is to capture it. As Bliss Carman perfectly stated, “Set me a task in which I can put something of my very self, and it is a task no longer; it is joy; it is art.”


Joriah Goad
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