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I am a wedding and event photographer. I also do onsite and studio portraits. I handle every thing personally, including printing, matting and framing.
My style is that I have no set style. I talk with my clients and get a feel for what they like and try to deliver the effect that they want. If you want nice sharp straight photos, or if your into soft blurs and tilted horiozons or whatever else suits you that is what you get, with the exception of wedding formals. Those will always be traditional.

I pride myself on producing perfect as possible photographs. I always shoot Raw and edit from the RAW files. Editing RAW files allows for up to two stops of correction on over or underexposed pictures. The fast pace of wedding and event photography will inevitably result in some poor exposures and that is when Photoshop and RAW come to the rescue. THe recent cry from brides trying to get cheap wedding photography has been, I just want the JPEG files on a disk right after the wedding. Unfortunately this leads to disapointed brides when they find out that there is no detail in their expensive dresses and no good way to recover with the JPEG files

My advice to brides is choose a photographer that will deliver a finished product so all you have to worry about is how many pictures you want to order.

I provide packages that fit everyone's budget. A bride on a limited budget will not get the quantity of photos that a bride on a liberal budget will, but she will get the same quality if I am her photographer.

Please contact me for information on my new customer incentives. You can also visit me at where you will find links to galleries of my photography.

Profile Summary:
Wedding and Event Photographer Pontiac, MI
Hardware and software installation specialist Pontiac, MI
Photoshop Technician Pontiac, MI
My Skills

Wedding and Event Photographer

Category: Art / Creative
Photography services for weddings, events, onsite and studio portraits.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5

Hardware and software installation specialist

Category: Computers / IT
Complete custom computer systems and software integration.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10

Photoshop Technician

Category: Art / Creative
Complete photo editing, manipulation, enhancement and restoration services. Uncle Bob shot your wedding for you and things didn't go so well? Call me. I may be able to make it look a whole lot better.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 6