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Below are some key features we offer specific to our hosting:

- Linux based servers

- Virtualization of servers using “XEN” allows easy disaster recovery and backup

- All hardware is actual server class (ECC memory, Tyan or Asus server motherboards, Enterprise class hard drives)

- APC Symetra $30,000.00 batter backup and surge protector unit that can power all servers for 20 plus hours

- Hard drive redundancy on all servers (Raid 5 arrays for all data)

- Daily backup of all data to separate physical server onsite

- Daily incremental backups from the backup server to an offsite location via VPN tunnel in case of fire or other disasters at our facility

- Extra servers on standby ready to take over should anything fail on the main server

- New fiber optic connection at our data center allows massive bandwidth capabilities more static IP addresses and more scalable solutions

- Excellent customer service (Responsiveness combined with knowledgeable creative people to answer questions and consult with clients about all aspects of their web presence.)

Below is a list of services we handle all in house, we don’t outsource these services:

- hared website Hosting

- Reseller hosting for other developers

-Virtual managed servers

- Dedicated managed servers

- Co-located managed servers

- Website design (front-end graphics and backend programming and functionality PHP MYSQL etc.)

- Custom graphics and logo creation services

- Photography and video production compression for web services

- SEO (Search engine optimization)

- Offsite backup services
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10