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I am a poet, singer, journalist, abstract/surreal artist, web/ graphics designer, internet marketing specialist, promoter, holistic health & sex coach, couple- family and youth counselor and mother, CEO of The DOA Organization (The Doshas of Ayurveda) OR just plain Kanday!

There has been many words used to try to describe me and my style of art and literature, and honestly there aren’t any available that will give you a true idea of who I am and why I create the art that I create. I consider myself “uniquely undefined” with an “afro-cen-clectic” way of expressing myself….

I live, laugh and love through my naturally sensual nature and I’m very open and a lover of all things created (knowing that its a part of a universal circle that is also a part of me). I love the mental, visual and verbal pleasures in life; The physical pleasures I seek are a result of these needs being met.

My journey and those around me that I come into contact with will surely see that I ‘m a supportive, straight forward and not easily knocked off focus. I’m definitely someone that is rare- and I offer to open up the books and share myself with you. Let my eyes show you the beauty I see….
You be the judge….

Profile Summary:
Web/Graphics Design/Marketing/SEO/Career Decatur, GA
Song Writer/Poet/Author/Journalist Decatur, GA
Holistic Healtn/ Ayurveda Medicine/ Life & Sex Decatur, GA
My Skills

Web/Graphics Design/Marketing/SEO/Career

Category: Consulting
We have a wide array of services we provide at affordable prices- and we give all our clients the time and attention needed to create a masterpiece.

We Provide The Following Services:

* Clerical Services
* Slideshow commercials
* Resume Services
* Email Campaigns
* Wordsmithing
* E-book Design
* Custom Myspace, Black Planet & Other Layouts
* Advertising
* SEO, Internet Marketing & Promos
* Business & Career Planning & Consulting
* Small Business Web Hosting
* Custom Blog, Profile & Web Site Design
* Flyers/ Postcards, Biz Cards
* Logo/ Graphic Design
* Cd Cover & T-shirt Design
* Digital Photography / Enhancement
* Artist Services
* Demo Promo
* Event Planning, Booking & Advertising
* Artist & Modeling Portfolios
* Custom Graphics
* Banners & More!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 7

Song Writer/Poet/Author/Journalist

Category: Art / Creative
The literature I compose fall into several different genres, ranging from sublime political to pure erotica. I love playing with words and idea concepts.

Sharing my thoughts through various news articles, short stories, essays, poetry, interviews and reviews is how I release my energy to the world. Some people may like my opinions and are free to share their thoughts- and I extend that same warm invite to those who oppose my choices and opinions to share their thoughts as well.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10

Holistic Healtn/ Ayurveda Medicine/ Life & Sex

Category: Health / Fitness
From advice and inside secrets on diet, alternative medicine and holistic health to sexuality, sensuality, aroma and massage therapy- I've got you covered with my health, lifestyle and therapeutic services.

Couples, single women and men are welcomed to take some of my courses online- or pre-register for some of my private sessions I hold often. I help individuals as well as couples channel in to what is keeping them from becoming highly sensual and sexually satisfied beings.

I create what many fantasize about and have yet to encounter. It's time to see life in a whole different light, and I can provide the proper steps to take to total fulfillment.

* Holistic Health Awareness & Education
* Self Awareness & Fulfillment
* Natural Bath & Body Manufacturing Course
* Lite, Air and Sound Therapy
* Erotic Massage Course (Women Touch Men)
* Erotic Massage Course (Men Touch Women)

* Tantric Massage
* Therapeutic Massage
* Sensual Massage
* Aromatherapy
* Guided Meditation
* Couples Play Training
* Couples Toy Parties
* Female Sex Goddess Courses
* Female Toy Parties
* Somatic Sex Courses
* Bi-Curious Q&A Sessions
* Erotic Stimulation
* Self-Pleasure Classes
* Sensual Domination Classes
* Online Submissive Training
* Online Dominatrix Training
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 6