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As a web designer that has been doing sites for seven years now, I would like to offer my services to you and introduce you to some of my unique work as well as explain my philosophy on doing web design so that it is effective in conveying your message and draw attention.

What do I do that is different from the rest? I refuse to use blanket templates to do a site. Each site that I work on is unique in design with graphics designed specifically for that site and your needs. Why do I do this instead of using the cookie cutter approach that some many use? Because your message and site is unique and deserves to be treated as such! You have your own message and your own product that you want people to see on the vast space of the internet, it should and will stand out. I have a customer in Mentor that was approached by a guy that offered to do her a site (the price he wanted -2 pages for $500) and when hired, 3 months later still had not delivered the product. She brought me in and in a matter of less that ten days we had a site going, to her satisfaction and mine. Take a look at to see what I did for her in this short period of time. I just finished my second site for her and we are preparing to expand that site soon. She will gladly give a reference on me and tell you how I approach my work.

All sites are fully tested, before they go live, on my server. You will be given a URL that will lead you to the ‘test site’ where you can make comments and look at the graphics that I am proposing for your site.

My work started with my own personal site and then expanded to doing sites for several non-profits that I work with. Each is approached on their own merits and what their message is. I have my own methods of working to get your site noticed by the search engines so that you do get seen.

My own personal site continues today and my web design information is contained within it. If you look at my site and go to the Web Design Page and look at
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