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Bonner Springs Web Design is a company that offers the solutions that best fit you, your employees and your customers. One of the most important, and sometimes overlooked items in web design, is the fact that the customer is not there to admire the design, they are there to accomplish a goal.

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Web Design Bonner Springs, KS
Search Engine Optimization Bonner Springs, KS
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Web Design

Category: Internet / Web
* Design the content, not the page - The more free and flowing the design, the more the content - your web site's backbone - will stand out. Do not let backgrounds and colors distract your user from the real reason they are on the page.
* Color Use - Plain background that uses white and shades of gray with light gradients give the web site a cool, soft base. This will help the user focus on the content. Using colors that match your corporate identity will help draw the eye to the information such as headings, links, and buttons.
* Text - Text should be clear and legible. Their should be a proper use of heading and subheading to allow users to quickly determine what a page is about. By using short paragraphs, lists, alongside bold and italics, users will be able to quickly scan your content.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 7

Search Engine Optimization

Category: Marketing / Sales
Our SEO services include the following -

* keyword research
* content optimization
* site navigation optimization
* optimization of ‘off-page’ factors such as inbound link building campaigns
* development of online public relations efforts
* design of content strategies for syndicating your content on partner, affiliate or publisher sites
* check site IP addresses to ensure integrity and safety from hackers and spammers
* Social networking profiles to the largest professional networks

Why choose us?

* We have a proven methodology
* We share our knowledge
* Reasonable pricing
* Experience working with various e-commerce platforms and content management systems
* Utilize our findings from real life SEO tests that are always being performed to keep us informed
* We are both marketers and technologists - SEO requires skills leveraging the right and left sides of the brain
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 6