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Thirty two years of water treatment from converting seawater for use by resort hotels to reducing waste from metal plating operations. I have run the gambit over the years St.Thomas, Bahamas,Mexico. I have designed and shipped equipment to locations world wide. I operated and owned the highly respected web site Air Water & Ice .com. I was the orginator designer of the Typhoon series of RODI equipment.

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Water treatment Lee, FL
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Water treatment

Category: Technology
Water treatment
Water treatment systems
And equipment installation.
Complete services from specification of materials, and design to implementation.
Any water treatment challenge you have is of interest to us.
Iron / rusty water, hard water, rotten egg odor, tea colored water, bacterially contaminated water or chemically contaminated water.
We service maintain, and design fog systems for propagation of woody plants, and outdoor air conditioning.
Technologies we typically employ include particulate (sediment) filtration, ion exchange, aeration, oxidation, chlorination, reverse osmosis, deionization, R.O.D.I. ultra violet sterilization and adsorption onto granular activated carbon.
So if you find your self trying to desalinate three hundred thousand gallons of sea water in twenty four hours or you have stinky well water please give me a call. I am certain you will be happy you did.
I am not into ponds or pools and have no real experience with maintaining them. I have a fair understanding of coral reef tank water treatment. I designed the Typhoon series of RODI units and worked closely with several reef stores.
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Years Experience: 32