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I have recently opened up a water harvesting business, called Wet Desert. I provide people of all incomes the opportunity to take advantage of the free fresh water resource from the sky. I will come out to your house for a free consultation and give you many alternatives for rain water harvesting, from free advice that you can do yourself, to teaching you how to do it yourself, and of course I can do it all from start to finish for those busy folks. Many people think that water harvesting earthworks(landscaping), or steel water tanks looks unattractive, but I have found a way to integrate the most efficient design strategies used today with unparalleled beauty in aesthetics.

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Water Harvesting Consultant Tucson, AZ
Water collection system installation Tucson, AZ
My Skills

Water Harvesting Consultant

Category: Consulting
I can give you the best options available for water harvesting design, implementation, collection, distribution, and erosion control.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Worked previously as a landscaper with a focus on water harvesting earthworks and native plant selection.
Years Experience: 3

Water collection system installation

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
We here at Wet Desert water harvesting, landscaping, and design have created a rain water collection system to drip irrigation that uses locally recycled 55 gallon drums connected to each other with an upgradable manifold. You can start with a small system with 3 or 4 barrels and build it up as you build up your garden, or connect 20 or more barrels together for a large collection system that waters 100% of your outdoor gardening needs.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I am the only one that I know that does this. I created the design, manifold and distribution system. All my clients will attest to the quality of the design.
Years Experience: 2