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Wardrobe Consultant

Category: Beauty / Style
We would like to know you before we could style and shop for you. Once we know you we advise you as your personal shopper and shop for you when we see the best deals. We specialize in for work and casual wardrobe. When you work, you spend more than half of your year at the work place. Knowing what to wear and how to dress at work is a must. It is not about finding matching pieces to wear, you need to know how to dress, look classy, stylish, and professional without spending too much money. The task could be time consuming and that’s where we come to rescue.

Why to use our services?

Creativity – we advise you on what to wear and how to put it all together

Time – we save you time

Cost – we know deals and save you money by shopping for you

Organization – organize your wardrobe and help you create your collections

How do we find deals better than you do?

Time – we have more time to shop – this is what we do. How often do you know about in-store sale but you couldn’t find time to go, and you missed a great sale?

Market Insight – with years of experience and knack in selecting the right merchandise, we can use our time and your dollar the best.

Shop in Bulk – we have clients like you and we shop in bulk for additional savings. Many stores offer deals in which you spend a certain amount and receive a certain discount.

In-Store – do you know that retailers offer deeper discounts on in-store sales than on-line shopping? In addition, for certain brands online prices are sometime higher than those of in-store.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1