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I (Nick) am a senior in pursuit of a degree in Biology and my brother (Marc) is a college freshman in pursuit of a degree in Psychology. We have each taken Public Speaking classes and have maintained jobs since we were 15.

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Walking Advertisement & Marketing Promotion San Antonio, TX
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Walking Advertisement & Marketing Promotion

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My brother and I will promote your business for 5 individual days. We are UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) students who pass by and interact with hundreds of people a day. We will wear a shirt issued by you all day for 5 days everywhere we go. When asked about your business we will reply with information you give us. As full time students and active members of our community, we go grocery shopping, out on the town, to movies, to restaurants, to the gym and to class. All of these are opportunities to make your business stand out by using a different form of advertising rather than your standard commercial or newspaper ad. We are both outgoing professionals who are not afraid to communicate with a variety of people of all ages, shapes and sizes. We will guarantee you the following:

* Wearing a shirt issued by you all day for 5 days
* Handing out flyers, business cards or questionnaires provided by you
* Making a trip to 2 locations of your choice such as churches, UTSA, restaurants, Riverwalk, grocery stores, gyms, clubs, etc.
* Convey specific information about your business, and will work with you to devise an efficient marketing strategy

In order to prove that we are out promoting your business and not just saying we are, we will electronically provide you with photos and videos of us promoting your business and supply the feedback we receive. The 5 days are 5 individual days and not consecutive but will be complete within 30 calendar days. This is to guarantee that the days we represent your company we do not have other things going on.

TV and radio commercials are on for 30 to 60 seconds at a time, newspaper ads last a day and billboards are brief. We can offer you a week of promotion with in depth explanation of what your company is. We will also put your company on our website for at least 30 calendar days where it will be consistently represented even after your week is done. Feel free to contact us with any questions at
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