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Michelangelo was born Miguel Angel Chavarro, a Leo, on July 26, 1984 in Miami Florida to a Cuban Mother and a Colombian Father. He is a concious lyricist/spoken word artist,yet to know him you must read a story of a legend in the making.........B 4 He Was Born.. His Mother and some the rest of the family fled Cuba during the revolution in a crop duster his uncle "found".During the flight they all suffered from breathing problems from the chemicals on board, they had to fly just above the water to stay off the radar or they would have been shot down by Fidels goons,his mother recalls the waves crashing under the plane until reaching they keys 90 miles away where the Coast Guard cuaght them. His Father used to work for a cargo ship which transported TNT around the world,as a cook.One day he snuk into the Captians office and stole his freinds passport and his own.Later that day he pushed his freind overboard while they where talking about what they wanted to do with their lives a mile off the coast of Georgia and swam to their unexpected future. Michelangelo carries these thoughts with him everyday wherever he goes,wether it be at one of the many venues he performs at throughout South Florida like The Cornerstone or living the "normal" life working as a Roofing Technician,he knows he is destined for greatness. "The Renessaince Man" Michelangelo is an Independent artist under no contract currently,Although he is part of a coalition of Independent artists known as Project I.T.(Independent Takeover),Michelangelo was one of the 24 artist chosen at a talent search by 13 time Grammy Award winning Producer Donovan Knowles, to be featured on the first I.T. compilation,spearheaded by promoter Chris Imperial,and local independent artist Shawn Elliot.Michelangelo is currently working on his freshman album that will be a mix of Hip-Hop,Spanish Hip-Hop,and Poetry.You can also look foward to Michelangelo appearing on Mr.Grim Reapa's highly anticapated junior album King of the Kingz,

Profile Summary:
Voice Over Talent Miami, FL
Mcee Miami, FL
Roofing Mechanic Miami, FL
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Work Experience:
Michelangelo A.K.A. Miguel A.Chavarro (786)273-0689
TV: On the Mike with Mike Sherman Voice-over/Announcer Up All Night Prod., Miami Radio: Hip Hop Event Commercials Roc and Freeze Prod., Miami Miami Movement Inc. Mr. Grim Reapa Events: Host of Live events in venues such as: PS14; White Room; Churchill's; Tobacco Road; Mansion etc. As well as Music Festivals e.g. Indie Hip Hop Fest. A-HA! Events, Miami
Co-founder of A-HA! Events Member of local Miami Hip Hop Band "The CoRneRStOneRs" Greatest Achievement: Co-founding A-Ha Events (Artisits Helping Artists) which is my own promotions outfit. We book our shows, design-and print our flyers, as well as online and street promotions. With this not only are we helping ourselves but our fellow Indie Artists, booking shows,getting promoted and getting paid. Keeping "The CoRneRStOneRs" alive is just as rewarding. Special Skills: Bi-lingual, English/Spanish. Accents and different styles and tonality. Very versitile and innovative.
Organizations / Affilations:
Michelangelo c is located in Miami, FL and has the following skills: Voice Over Talent, Mcee, Roofing Mechanic
Music, Mechanics, Talent
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Voice Over Talent

Category: Talent
Very versatile,broad range,different accents and tonality.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Extensive studio recording exp,Extensive live performance exp
Years Experience: 5


Category: Music
Relevant Education / Credentials
Co-Founder of A-Ha Events
Years Experience: 6

Roofing Mechanic

Category: Mechanics
All roofing systems.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Ex-Vice Pres of HCH Construction
Years Experience: 8