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I am lead vocalist/guitarist in my band, A Fire Anthem, with my brother Gabriel playing the drums (rythm technician). I sing passionately and scream too. I have for the most part inked all of our songs with Gabriel.
My cheif influences for right now are chiodos, the used, blink-182, and blessthefall.
I also took a year or so of jazz guitar lessons, and I try to incorporate this into my playing often. I was once in a poppy, jazz style band, cheifly influenced by the Dave Matthews Band, we were pretty good too. Eventually that fell apart. Shortly after I was turned onto the whole emo/screamo/post-hardcore thing by a friend who was playing drums for me at the time.
I gave up playing the guitar for awhile, when I moved to Florida. I have since returned to New Hampshire, and to my music.
I am glad to be in the band I am now, it has made me a better musician. A Fire Anthem fully exercises my creativity as a musician.

Profile Summary:
vocals Somersworth, NH
guitarist Somersworth, NH
keyboard Somersworth, NH
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Category: Music
Relevant Education / Credentials
reading several books, singing in choir, sang for highschool bands
Years Experience: 24


Category: Music
Relevant Education / Credentials
the school of hard knocks, took lessons in blues, took lessons in jazz. played in a few punk bands, 1 classic rock band, and a jazzy band.
Years Experience: 11


Category: Music
Relevant Education / Credentials
I took lessons for a year, I've used it to write songs, and put some stuff on my own recordings. Very much self-taught.
Years Experience: 7