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(I drew my profile picture, because I don't want to post my real photo as my default. So uh, Copyright 2008 to moi?)

I'm Carmen. Toxic Opera. Carmen Republic. Blu-Berry. Whatever, I've had like A MILLION names. I grew up in Los Angeles. Downtown LA for 9 years, and the other 10 in foster care around California. I'm 20, and I ran away from foster care to a little known Suburb Lisle in Illinois.

I play Dance Dance Revolution on Heavy, and have lost over 200 pounds in 2 years with it. I'm currently 163, and I stand at 5'3 or 4. I don't remember. I'M NOT SHORT, I'M VERTICALLY CHALLENGED!

I don't have any kids (I'm a pedophobe - that means kids scare the CRAP out of me), I have 12 chickens, 3 fat cats, 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, a bird and a baby piggie. I HAVE A FARM! HAHA!

I'm 20 (I said that, right?), black, and I have been told I am the life of the party due to my infamous humor. I never dissapoint in anything. Whether it's music, an acting gig, or even just being there for support, they know who to count on: Someone else. (hahaha I mean me)

So there you go. I live in a small house with a loud computer, a crappy mic and no where to record without making my music sound as HURRRRRRRHURRRRRR in the background. Help me out here! =D

Profile Summary:
Vocals Lisle, IL
Actress Lisle, IL
More About Me
Cooking, Cleaning, Womaning, Rocking out with my Baracking out, Men, Video Games, Internetting, The Beach, Dance Dance Revolution, The Sims, Sonic, FFVII, stuff
Carmen Jones is located in Lisle, IL and has the following skills: Vocals, Actress
Music, Acting / Drama
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Category: Music
Musician skilled in singing Soprano, Alto, Tenor. Prefers Rock over all genres. Can do all genres need fit for the occasion. Can do covers, prefer originals (Has original music).
Relevant Education / Credentials
7 years in Chiors (School), Lead Soprano in High School, Lead Alto in Middle school. Worked for Subject2Change in Watts, California for 3 years.
Years Experience: 10


Category: Acting / Drama
Excellent people skills and holds up a professional sense of seriousness. Referred to as "Loud" and "Hyper." Voted "Class Clown" for a school she didn't even attend. Hahaha.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Landed 6 of 8 lead roles in Drama in school. Starred in documentary The Way Out by Courtney Garcia.
Years Experience: 4