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I love music. It my calling in life. I have writtin some music, but have just recently been getting decent at guitar, so the music Im writing is starting to sound better and better! I am mainly a vocalist, but guitar is fun to! I am 25 years old, and have been into music since I was 20. When I was 21 I actully tryed out for american Idol. I made it past the first 2 judge rounds, and got to the celebrity judge round. I was on tv for a split secound, and my photo was selected to be used on their front page of anyways it was fun.

My musical style its totally unique. I dont got time to be a poser or sound like someone else.. Since when did sound a likes ever go anywhere? Elvis was great but there aint no sound alike that will accomplish what he did.. So yah my music sounds different.. I have a unique voice, and unique style. So generics run for the hills, cuz this man is bringin a new sound.

Hey check out some of my stuff... I know the recording quality isnt the best.. but hey! its all I can afford right now(:

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Vocalist Irving, TX
Lead Vocalist Irving, TX
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Im looking for musicians who are good spirited
and hate the very idea of sounding generic!!!!!!
Steven Herrin is located in Irving, TX and has the following skills: Vocalist, Lead Vocalist
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Category: Music
I love to sing, and get away from me generic sounding bands! lol
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Lead Vocalist

Category: Music
I love to sing! Get away from me generics!!!
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