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I am a fun loving, peaceful guy. I know how to lead or follow. I love Seether, Staind, stuff like that. Have a great singing voice, more for accoustic rock, like swing life away by Rise Against. I can also make my voice sound like anybody, from billy joe armstrong from greenday, to Tom from Blink 182. I am also a great actor. I took drama in school and I love doing it.

Profile Summary:
Vocalist Deer Park, TX
Actor Deer Park, TX
VG Programmer Deer Park, TX
Voice actor Deer Park, TX
My Skills


Category: Music
I am 20 years old, have a voice like Shaun from seether, can do hard rock, but I prefer accoustic, I write songs, Been in a band before and know how to treat my bandmates.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 6


Category: Acting / Drama
I am a great actor, will do anything, comedy preferred, but can be serious in my roles
Relevant Education / Credentials
Took drama in highschool
Years Experience: 4

VG Programmer

Category: Video Gaming
I have programmed my own Role Playing Game.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I am taking game design and development in college
Years Experience: 2

Voice actor

Category: Movies / Film
I can do voices like hank and dale from King of the hill, Spongebob, or my own characters. can change my accent to a spanish accent, german, russian, dutch, french, jamaican, or just weird ones like a drunk, a new york smoker, stuff like that
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 11