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I'm little mysterious scorpio girl from missouri.i never reveal too much about myself cuz where is the fun in that?I grew up oppressed in a strict home which contributes to my twisted little mind quite well.I'm in love and I have a cat and I never cease to express my creativity and passion.

Profile Summary:
vocalist Manhattan, KS
poet/lyricist Manhattan, KS
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Category: Music
i'm a singer and i want to world to hear my voice and my words.i have something to say and people are going to hear it.
Relevant Education / Credentials
chorus-grades 5 thru 12 vocalist of two bands-one was in st. louis with an ex and a few friends(i had to leave due to parental reasons)the other in my hometown didn't work out because i was forced to relocate out of state.
Years Experience: 9


Category: Miscellaneous
i've been writing for many years.i'm known to look back and compared old work to new work and see improvements but i don't take this lightly.i take my writing very seriously because it is my life and the way i perceive the world.
Relevant Education / Credentials
as my creative writing teacher put it:"girl you can write" she was's too bad that she retired.she was a really great person.
Years Experience: 5