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Cheryl Criswell, Virtual Assistant/Bookkeeper and founder of Virtual Office Solutions, LLC. Coupled with her 19 years experience in Office Administration, she has more than 10 years of experience working in the Residential Construction Industry and 6 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. She has spent time in both the private sector – agencies, corporations, and startup companies. And also, in the public sector – organizing youth political groups.

Having come from a family that preached the Entrepreneurial lifestyle, Cheryl has a great respect for those individual who take this path. Having been through the fire of self-employment herself she says “Having the Entrepreneurial spirit myself I quickly identify and understand the complexity my clients go through to maintain a profitable business. The time constraints between administration and customer service is a balancing act. This is why I started Virtual Office Solutions,LLC. My services allow my clients to focus on the profit producing portion of their business. For most Entrepreneurs this is the portion they enjoy, getting out there and getting the job done, not chasing down the paperwork.”

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Virtual Assistant Flint, TX
Virtual Bookkeeper Flint, TX
Construction Project Manager Flint, TX
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Virtual Assistant

Category: Business
A Virtual Assistant Will Save Your Business Time, Money, and Work Related Stress

A virtual assistant in a perfect human resource addition to any company or business that has a need for a secretary, book keeper, or accountant but does not have the office space nor the physical location to house such an employee. Virtual assistants can work from anywhere and supply the needed data and communication via the internet, email, telecommunications, or other types of venues to keep the boss up-to-date and ready for anything. The virtual assistant does not have to be in the room or even city as the employer as the technology of today allows the assistant to be versatile and on demand for any business situation.

A website owner or small business owner has the prime opportunity to keep overhead costs down because there is no office space or other expenses such as rent, utilities, or maintenance fees. If a business person works at home, then the expenses of an outside building are virtually non-existent. The virtual assistant will be able to take dictation, type, file, and do other satellite functions away from the business and in the end saves both time and money for the business owner. The owner has the assistant they need and the assistant can be ready for work at any time.

Though virtual assistants have not caught on in the real world, the internet world is awakening to this new phenomenon. The virtual assistant is perfect for the virtual world of e-commerce and e-business. As people make a living off the keyboard and the mouse, the work load of e-commerce is sometimes too much for the individual or small business to handle. The virtual assistant is the perfect add on to this electronic universe. They can work in their home and you can work in your home. No rent, no fees, not anything but the wage that you and the virtual assistant agree upon.
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Years Experience: 15

Virtual Bookkeeper

Category: Business
Virtual Bookkeepers Can Keep Your Books Off-Site Saving You Space and Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to turn the tedious job of bookkeeping over to another person so you can get back to your real business of making money? Virtual bookkeepers are ideal for the business person who has to turn time into money as they seek out new clients and close new deals. Bookkeeping is a time consuming process that has to be done and through the process, the business owner loses time and money performing this task. A virtual bookkeeper can keep the books for your business and as an added benefit; they can do so from their own home saving you money by not having to provide them a workspace and the time saving element of dealing with the bookkeeper electronically versus personal interaction.

Virtual bookkeeping is a safe endeavor that will allow the business man to turn in their expenses and sales to the bookkeeper and have all of the receipts recorded to show the bottom line of the company. By simply sending the virtual bookkeeper your receipts, a professional display of your earning and expenditures will be available for your records or of the records of your accountant or tax preparer. Nothing could be easier. A virtual bookkeeper will allow you the flexibility of using your precious time to improve your bottom line and at the same time present that bottom line in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional in the business world.

The virtual bookkeeper can also help itemize your receipts and profits into categories that will save time with the Internal Revenue Service. If audited, you will be able to call up your virtual bookkeeper and have all of your financial records in order and ready to go for inspection. With an orderly bookkeeping process, you are able to speed up the accounting process and in the long term save time. Why enter all those numbers yourself?
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 15

Construction Project Manager

Category: Real Estate / Property
Construction Project Management for the Tyler Texas Area ONLY. If you are Your Own Builder or have a large Remodeling Project and would like to save thousands of dollars by being your own contractor, but still need professional oversight and scheduling, contact us for a quote. or
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10