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I'm A gypsy violinist I have been playing with my family since I was very young. I learne dfrom my grandfather who is a world renowned musician playing with many different great musicians. He lived out in Turkey were he travled with gypsies palying music and learning from the masters. When I fisrt started playing my father gave me his darbuka a middle eastern drum and I played for belly dancers and many other events. I then got an Oud passed down to me by my family, Its ussually when they need someone to play something they'll teach me, when I was 13 years old my father gave a violin that was passed to him by the man that played in my granfathers band back in the 60's. thats my music really became a big part of life using my music to travel going to New Orleans to play at blues bars and night clubs and then off to Turkey were I had the pleaser to play with the masters myself.

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Violinist Berkeley, CA
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