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Stephanie Hershey

I grew up in Mesa Arizona and have done all of my studies here in the Valley. I started playing violin when I was 9 because the school orchestra teacher came into my class and informed all of us that we could begin playing an instrument. I had really wanted to play the flute, because my mom did, but band didn't start until the next year, so I figured I would play in orchestra until then. I circled the first instrument I saw, with no regard whatsoever to the actual instrument I was choosing. (I always tell people that if the choices were in alphabetical order, I would be a bass player!) Well, obviously, I was hooked! I just LOVED playing and never stopped. I followed it through to get a college degree and have made my career performing and teaching. I guess the system works!

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Violinist Phoenix, AZ
More About Me
Music (duh), reading, watching movies, traveling, spending time with my friends and family and randomly speaking in a British accent.
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I've done just about everything I think.....let's see.

Classical: Orchestras, Quartets, Chamber Music, Strolling violinist, approximately 46789346 weddings.

Bluegrass: I played bluegrass all the way through high school...don't really have the chops anymore.

Jazz: Recorded with several jazz combos and had my own jazz trio for 6 years.

Pop/Rock: I have done this off and on since I was 13. It's also what I am currently pursuing. I feel this is where I really shine!

Cosmic Music: Cosmic Music is the name of a business I opened up last year. We focus on private instruction for ALL instruments and ALL ages and skill levels.
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Stephanie Hershey is located in Phoenix, AZ and has the following skills: Violinist
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Category: Music
I have been playing violin for 22 years and have done it all! My studies lie mostly in the Classical field, but I have 10 years experience playing Jazz and 17 years of experience playing Pop/Rock. I am also a teacher and have taught 3 year olds to 63 year olds, beginning to advanced skill level for the last 15 years.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Bachelor of Music in Orchestral Performance
Years Experience: 22