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Violin Teaching

Category: Music
I have been teaching violin for 8 years and have been playing for 14 years. I currently work during the day and teach students after school and at one point I was teaching 20 students at one time! But I am getting married in November and my fiance and I have decided to try and make teaching my full time day job!

I am looking for students who can be taught during the hours of 8 to 4, Monday through Friday. My thinking is homeschoolers will fit this category the best but really it's for anybody. I can teach anyone at any age (adults included), I have even taught a 3 year old! I'll teach beginners and more experienced players as well.

Teaching will be done at my home in Douglassville, PA. If you have any interest please email me and I would love to speak with you.

-Abbie Eshleman
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 14