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Brianna Whitrock

My name is Brianna Whitrock (soon-to-be Brianna Shrum) and I am passionate about anything creative. Be it writing to music, I love it all! (I am also rather passionate about politics...Obama '08!)

Profile Summary:
Violin Instructor Grand Junction, CO
Tutor (School and Music) Grand Junction, CO
Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician Grand Junction, CO
Freelance Writing..anything related to writing, re Grand Junction, CO
My Skills

Violin Instructor

Category: Music
I am passionate about's my life! I am an instructor based in Grand Junction, Colorado. My main instrument is the violin; I perform and teach.
Relevant Education / Credentials
* Central High School Symphony & Concert & Chamber & Pit Orchestras *Mesa State College Orchestra *1st Place Solo and Ensemble -Original Composition
Years Experience: 10

Tutor (School and Music)

Category: Education
I tutor in all subjects from elementary through middle school, and in high school I tutor English.
Relevant Education / Credentials
*Student Mentor (Central High School) *31 Act Score (35 in English) *Debate Captainship
Years Experience: 3

Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician

Category: Talent
I sing and write music in most genres. All except for rap and metal...I do not have a back-up band or anything but I can perform with voice, violin, and piano. (I can also play the guitar; I just prefer the former.)
Relevant Education / Credentials
*Music classes-5 years *Weddings *Performed with Church band abd youth band for the past 5 years *Have written numerous songs (unpublished as of yet)
Years Experience: 5

Freelance Writing..anything related to writing, re

Category: Writing / Journalism
I have been writing since I was little, and can now write poetry, songs, articles, anything needed! I love to write; I used to write with my Grandpa when I was little and the love has followed me to this day. An
Relevant Education / Credentials
*35 English ACT score *3 years Speech and Debate *Article published in the Colorado Hunter
Years Experience: 5