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I grew up in the 70s and 80s amidst some of the greatest pop culture ever. I've often wondered what our personalities would be like if movies didn't exist- so many references came out of that time period. Anyway, in 6th grade I lived in France for about 2 years when my dad got transferred to the Paris office for work. When we returned to the states, I got a Commodore 64- I used to fake being sick so I could stay home from school and program my own games. Wasn't too crazy about school- I was always "daydreaming" and never working up to my potential. I'd like to say that I didn't pay attention school because I'm a genius, but that's highly doubtful. Summers were spent playing and going on adventures. Riding bikes, exploring the stream the down the street (that stretched for miles!), and just getting lost in my own imagination. Honestly, I can't remember being bored. As an adult, I'm never bored either. There are never enough hours in the day, I can never get enough "nothing" time, and I like my self-employed, freelance lifestyle, because I would never have enough time to do all my projects if I had a "day job".

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Video Editor Middletown, DE
Camera man Middletown, DE
Digital Compositing Middletown, DE
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Movies, playing piano, crosswords, coffee, sudoku, video games, exercise
special effects artist
special makeup effects
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Movies like Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark inspired me to pursue making movies as a career. I'm happy to say that I am making movies- the internet has given us a great outlet to showcase our work, so I'm happy creating short movies for the fun of it and relying on traditional work like weddings for income. Before taking the plunge into self-employment, I worked at Broadway Video in midtown Manhattan. I didn't like the thought of just editing other people's stuff forever AND having to spend all that time commuting. Just wasn't worth it to me. Over the years, I've worn several hats in film / video production- writing, directing, acting, soundtrack scoring, and of course editing. I loved editing from TV production 101 back in 1989 and I love it even more today. I'm currently teaching myself Motion (in Final Cut Pro) and after that I'll be getting into Shake, a digital compositor. I've got a portable greenscreen and learning 3d animation and modeling. It would be a dream / goal come true to build a special effects shop / Industrial Light and Magic on the east coast! For now, I'm having a great time making wedding videos and creating short movies!

Please contact me if you're interested in working with me on a project or if you would like to hire me to create your wedding video!
King's College, BA Communications
NYU- Film
Broadway Video- Playback classes
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Erik Jacobsen is located in Middletown, DE and has the following skills: Video Editor, Camera man, Digital Compositing
Movies / Film, Video
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My Skills

Video Editor

Category: Video
I shoot and edit video. Editing is my specialty. I have experience editing film and video- hot splicing on a flatbed, linear, and nonlinear editing. I currently am editing on a Mac using Final Cut Studio 2. I've worked on practically every type of project: music videos, commercials, documentaries, live performances, weddings / events, actor & musician demo reels, instructional- I can take your footage and polish it up or I can go out with my camera crew and make a real production out of it.
Relevant Education / Credentials
King's College, BA Communications NYU- Film Broadway Video- Playback classes
Years Experience: 19

Camera man

Category: Video
With a strong editing background, my shoot to edit style leaves any editor with an extensive selection of footage to select from. Pro audio equipment insures that I'll capture clear audio. I have experience shooting everything from a music video to a an instructional video- I thrive in unscripted / documentary situations like journalism, weddings, events- I always try to capture the event as accurately as possible and bring the human element / personality in as much as possible. Reaction shots and candid shots are priceless.
Relevant Education / Credentials
King's College, BA Communications NYU- Film
Years Experience: 19

Digital Compositing

Category: Movies / Film
I entered the film / video field because of special effects. Although I never made it out to George Lucas' ILM, I'm happy making my own special effects projects. I enjoy making the impossible, possible- fantasy into reality- or even just altering a shot to look real even though it's not- like adding a mountain in the background. Other relevant skills include color correction, stop motion, and greenscreen.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2