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Glynn Duchesney

I am a 31 year old man Living in Jacksonville Florida. I have been married for 4 years now and couldnt be happier. We recently moved to Jacksonville from Tallahassee because my wife got a promotion. I am proud of her, but I am looking for ways to increase my income. In order to do that I am falling back on my video and photo editing skills.

I Used to work for a production company based out of Tallahassee, FL. The company was owned and run by a former news anchor and Journalism Major. She spent Countless hours and dollars to learn the trade.

Once I started with the comapany I quickly became her go to guy. From her I learned alot about shot composition, scene lighting and coloring, and not to mention how to use the industry standard for Non Linear Editing systems. I also learned my way around Photoshop CS and a few other trade programs.

I actually worked as a cameraman in addition to being the main editor. I chose to work as the cameraman in order to gain more insight into how a shot comes to be and make myself a better editor.

There was almost no job we could not do there. We shot and edited weddings, instructional videos, video postcards, and promotional videos. We also filmed legal depositions for attorney's offices all over the state. Unfortunatly I cannot give any reference to any companies or organizations we filmed and edited for due to confidentiality contracts. Rest assured you would recognize some of the names in an instant.

I met my wife and got married, and realized that I needed to make more money. I left the comapany and got into administrative office work, but still love the media industry. So much so that I saved some money and purchased my own personal Avid editing system. That along side Photoshop allows me to create and edit just about anything I want. Since I am doing this to supplement my regular income, I can do it cheaper than most.

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Video Editing Jacksonville, FL
Photo Editing Jacksonville, FL
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Video Editing

Category: Video
Want those old VHS home movies on DVD?
Need some footage edited?
How about some color correction work done?
Dont try this yourself with substandard programs. Let a pro handle it using the industy leading Avid NLE software. If its good enough for Hollywood, its good enough for you.
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Years Experience: 2

Photo Editing

Category: Art / Creative
Restore your old photos. Add a little pop to you latest vacation pictures. Edit out those nasty little blemishes that can ruin an otherwise perfect picture. Having photos fixed would cost a fortune just a few years ago, but thanks to technology today it doesnt have to.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2