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I have 1 year of experience with VBA / Excel Report Automation skills in San Diego, CA. I also have 1 year of experience with Motorchoach Operator skills.
My education and credentials include A+ CCNA net+ . Excel proficient..

Profile Summary:
VBA / Excel Report Automation San Diego, CA
Motorchoach Operator San Diego, CA
My Skills

VBA / Excel Report Automation

Category: Computers / IT
If you need the following services:
Automating Data Collection
Automating Report Generation

or just plain automating repetitive steps that you are already performing on Excel.

I will be able to help. What might have taken you 10mins or more could be narrowed down to a few minutes or by the pressing of a button.

Please let me know how I may assist you in making your tasks less time consuming and efficient.

I would work part time if need to or on call. (preferable to work from my own home)

Rates may be per hour or per project, whatever is fair.

Although I reside e in San Diego California ,work is not to be limited to this area..
Other Skills:
A+ NEt+ CCNA: Repair/Troubleshoot computers / Commercial driver License B (Motorcoach driver)
Relevant Education / Credentials
A+ CCNA net+ . Excel proficient.
Years Experience: 1

Motorchoach Operator

Category: Services
I am a license California Commercial Driver license. Class B with passenger and air break endorcements.. If you have a plan vacation or a need of a driver for a Motorcoach either as part time or one event deal dont hesitate to contact me.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Class B (endorcements -passenger -air break) also M (Motorcycle)
Years Experience: 1