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Name: Fabian Valentine
Born: March 1st, FarRockaway Queens
Raised: FarRockaway Queens, NY

I'm a hardcore trainer straight out of FarRockaway, Queen NY. Raised in the hood of the sixtees. I've been training since the age of fifteen to improve my physique, strength and to make sure I was perfectly fit. I came from a 86 lb 4 foot 11 inch fourteen year old, to a 5 foot 6 inch, 160 lb sixteen year old with 1.3% body fat, the rest is all muscle. I am now 5 foot 11 inches and i am still at 160 and I am ready to share my tips and present other with my gift of getting in shape.

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Valentine's Personal Training Raleigh, NC
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Valentine's Personal Training

Category: Training
If you are looking to loose weight, get toned, build strength, or just stay fit. Then I'm the man you need. I perfect the craft and technique of exercises to help get your body were you want it to be. I can work work with you according to your schedule (depending on how many days you want). It's up to you itf you want to use weights or not, indoors or outdoors, days or nights.

So if your serious about improving your body, proformance and strength. E-Mail me to get started
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Years Experience: 4