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I have 5 years of experience with Vacation Trip Driver/guide skills in Lincoln, MO. I also have 1 year of experience with Electrician skills, 1 year of experience with Private Cook skills all of which I also do in the Lincoln, MO area.
My education and credentials include State Licensed CDL Class A.

Profile Summary:
Vacation Trip Driver/guide Lincoln, MO
Electrician Lincoln, MO
Private Cook Lincoln, MO
Small engine repair Lincoln, MO
Not-employed Lincoln, MO
My Skills

Vacation Trip Driver/guide

Category: Travel / Leisure
Private non commercial transportation anywhere you want to go within the United States except New York City or Jersey City NJ
Relevant Education / Credentials
State Licensed CDL Class A
Years Experience: 5


Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
Not a licensed electrician, Not Insured, Will find for you a licensed and insured Electrical Constractor to meet your objectives if necessary. Some modifications you just cant do without a licensed contractor.
Relevant Education / Credentials
On the Job Training and Self Taught
Years Experience: 1

Private Cook

Category: Cooking / Culinary
Will Cook for private non-commercial person and purpose. Pretty much would like to spend someone else's money to buy food. Not a Chef, workable cook, I have made glop a time or two, lol!!! Pretty much a meat,potatoes and butter cook but as i get older I am liking cleaner more sophisticated recipes. Like to bake but you have to have alot of willing neighbors willing to test your cooking..Think of it as a semi-controlled adventure...
Relevant Education / Credentials
some experience as a employed cook, I have been feeding myself for quite a while now, I watch the Food Network
Years Experience: 1

Small engine repair

Category: Mechanics
Small engine service or repair,blade sharpening ect.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Self Taught
Years Experience: 1


Category: Services
Any legal objective Considered
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1