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Jessica Florian

I'm 19 years old, happy to be alive, and hate living in Nevada. But, it's safe to say, that I'm not leaving to go anywhere else anytime soon, so I'm just looking for a job or little things I can do with the skills that I possess in order to make some sort of income, no matter how small. Other than that, I enjoy playing Video Games in my free time (which has become my lifestyle, now that I have no job) and typing. I hang out with my friends whenever they're around and not doing anything important. Other than that, I'm just waiting around and doing nothing.

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Typing Henderson, NV
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typing, videogames, anime, art, internet, work-out, movies, etc
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My present job (if that's what you want to call it) is working with the flowers at Costco on Sunset and Marks here in Henderson. I've been doing it for a couple of months now, am capable of working on my own without any help unless changing buckets, and only get about 3 hours a week.

My last job was at Gamestop and I had been working there for a year and a half before I was fired. I became ill and closed the store two hours earlier than it was supposed to be because I had no other associate to call and cover me. I usually varied between 32 to 40 hours a week and adored my job. I handled the register, helped customers no matter the circumstance, organized all of the shelves and even the backstock and sold like mad!

The job before that was at Macy's in which I worked for approximately 3 months before quitting on my own due to lack of hours. I went one day of work, had two weeks off, one more day, and another three weeks off. I was still in school, so I needed all the money I could get to put into my savings. I worked on the Dock and unpacked all of the boxes we got on the truck.
I completed all years at Elementary, Junior High, and High School. However, I have not yet started college because I do not have the funds to do so.
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Jessica Florian is located in Henderson, NV and has the following skills: Typing
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I can type upwards of 80 words per minute and have been doing so since the age of 7.
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I took computer typing classes once when I was in Junior High and again in High School. I quite literally excelled in both.
Years Experience: 12