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I am a teacher of environmental science at Southwestern College in Cincinnati. Having moved recently to the area I am still finding my way around.

Profile Summary:
Tutor Middletown, OH
Basketball coach Middletown, OH
Basic piano instructor Middletown, OH
My Skills


Category: Education
Tutor for all levels, subjects are based on level. For middle or high school can teach all subjects excluding chemistry and physics. For post-high school based on level of subject
Relevant Education / Credentials
A.S. with a focus on mathematics and computer science. B.S. - Biology with an Environmental Scienece concentration M.S. - Environmental Studies with an Environmental Education Currently teach at Southwestern College a career college in Cincinnati I have numerous years experience working with students of a variety of ages. Ask if you have questions!
Years Experience: 5

Basketball coach

Category: Sports / Recreation
Can teach individula basketball shooting, defense, and general sportsmanship skills.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Middle school and high school basketball player.
Years Experience: 15

Basic piano instructor

Category: Music
Can provide introductory lessons on the piano and teach individual how to read music.
Relevant Education / Credentials
4 years of piano lessons, have played many instruments in the past just at a very basic level.
Years Experience: 1