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Sheetal Gandhi

Paragon Strategies is training, coaching and consulting company specializing in organizational, management and individual effectiveness. We offer on-site programs, public seminars and a variety of services designed to maximize profitability and productivity. Our instructors are respected and competent leaders in the industry who are committed to help you and your business grow, engage and succeed!

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Training/Worshops San Francisco, CA
Coaching San Francisco, CA
Consulting San Francisco, CA
Strategic Planning & Team Building San Francisco, CA
360 Degree Assesments San Francisco, CA
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Training, Coaching, Consulting, Strategic Planning, Team Builing, and 360 Degree Assesments
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Strategic Planning
Team Builing
and 360 Degree Assesments.
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Crowne Plaza & Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts
The Strategic Results Forum blew our team away! We identified 26 new markets to tap into, helped facilitate solutions to human resources issues and identified strong team members to help establish best practices for our sales efforts. In one day, our team was re-energized, re-focused and ready to steal market share in a very competitive market. We even had a 17-year veteran say it was the best use of her time since she started working for the company! If you need your team to work together to create realistic, actionable sales plans that they will personally own, then you need to hire Paragon Strategies and spend a day in their Strategic Results Forum - your team will thank you for it.

Joey DeLeon
Assistant Sales Manager
Holiday Inns & Crowne Plaza Hotels

You surely exceeded everyone's expectations! You have a unique model and we applaud your hard work. You will be hearing from us soon about taking this program to a broader audience within our company.

Greg Martinez
Area Director of Sales & Marketing
San Francisco Bay Hotel Collection

Engage PR Public Relations
We use the [Champion Communicators] Social Styles in our agency every day to be more effective internally and help improve our relationships with clients and the media. Paragon Strategies has a unique understanding of what agencies need to succeed and the pressures we face, and they incorporate that into their training. I highly recommend them to other PR agencies!

Molly M. Miller, Principal
Engage PR, Alameda, CA

GIS Planning
Thanks a lot for working through the budget questions role-playing with me. So you know, I made the call right after our conversation and it went almost exactly as you and I had played it out. After overcoming his initial objections to the budget discussion (using exactly the same "lines" you used with me) I was able to find out that they need to keep it from going to RFP.

Mario Ubalde
Began our business 5 years ago.
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Sheetal Gandhi is located in San Francisco, CA and has the following skills: Training/Worshops, Coaching, Consulting, Strategic Planning & Team Building, 360 Degree Assesments
Consulting, Training, Services
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Category: Training
- Communication for Results: What You Say, What They Hear
- Networking that Works
- Powerful Presentation Skills
- Coaching Your Stars to Shine: Effective Coaching Skills for Managers
- Influencing Change: Managing Up, Managing Down
- Management Academy: Building Your Management Brand
- Management Bootcamp: The 12 Core Competencies
- Managers Court: Management Law 101
- Motivation and Feedback : Don’t Make Them Cry
- New Manager Academy: You're a Manager, Now What?
- Advanced Writing Skills for Communication Professionals
- Being an Effective Editor: How to Coach Your Writers
- Write Right:Mastering the Art of Effective Business Writing
- 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: Say It & Pay
- Conflict Resolution:Put the Gloves Down, Pick Up the Words
- Champion Teams : Survivor or All Star?
- Goal-Setting: Are You Proactive or Reactive?
- It's About Your Time and Multiple Priority Management
- The Powerful Professional: Bringing Forward Your Best You
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Years Experience: 5


Category: Services
Executive Coaching helps executives to successfully advance and become leaders so that they can transform themselves and their organization in the process. By guiding them in examining the assumptions that underlie their behavior, the coaching process allows executives to focus, accomplish more and overcome behavioral barriers.

Sales Coaching can be a powerful tool in converting your sales dreams into tangible reality. By guiding you through the fundamentals of buying behavior and decision-making, the coaching process allows you to amplify your sales effectiveness and productivity.

Performance Coaching is a tremendously effective way to achieve high-level competence in leadership, sales and management. By helping you focus your energy on what is truly important, the coaching process allows you to accelerate towards personal and professional growth.

Team coaching helps members make full, coordinated use of collective resources to realize a common purpose. By strategically aligning individual performance with the overall goals of your team, the coaching process maximizes your team’s collective strength.

Presentation Skills coaching guides professionals through the process of developing captivating content and delivering presentations that create high-impact. Whether your goal is to persuade, inform or educate, the customized coaching process will help you sharpen your overall image and polish your delivery techniques.
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Years Experience: 5


Category: Consulting
Management Coaching:
We help companies reach their highest potential by analyzing their existing business problems and assisting in the development of their future plans. Through the use of formal methodologies combined with extensive industry experience, we provide innovative recommendations to amplify the efficiency of your company in performing business tasks

Sales Coaching:
We help companies gain a competitive sales advantage by developing a strategic sales plan to optimize their sales processes. Through a systematic framework, we examine processes and individual competencies and suggest customized execution plans designed to multiply sales.
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Years Experience: 5

Strategic Planning & Team Building

Category: Services
Team Building & Learning Games:
Whether you're looking for an effective way to build your team or a hassle-free day to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your co-workers, Paragon Strategies has the right program for you. We offer exciting and creative event options that are guaranteed to enhance your employees’ unity and productivity.
Team Building Line:
Effective teamwork fuels the accomplishment of your company’s strategic goals. Boost your company morale by participating in one of our unique team-building events and watch your bottom line rapidly grow.
Pure Adventure Line
Do you want to have a fun and exciting day out with your co-workers? Did your team just land that big account? We offer adrenaline-packed activities to keep your employees engaged and energized.
Entertainment Line:
Whether you’re planning a formal awards dinner or an outdoor barbecue, we can help you come up with wonderful opportunities to celebrate together outside of the office.
Customized Program Line:
We can design a customized program for your company to fit your organization’s interests, goals and budget. We will work within your challenges to develop an idea that will impress, inspire and motivate your team.
Executive Retreat Facilitation:
A management retreat provides the opportunity to rekindle the energy of senior management and illuminate the critical issues at hand. It is an ideal activity to:
• Clarify corporate vision
• Renew commitment
• Build camaraderie and trust
• Integrate individual strengths
• Identify the barriers to growth
• Spark ideas and innovations
• Discuss strategy
• Make key decisions
• Establish action plans
• Forge new tools to solve problems

Strategic Results Forum:
Our facilitation process focuses the energy of your group on a common task. We implement alternate methods and procedures to further progress toward win-win solutions.

Board Meeting Facilitation:
We dramatically improve the quality of your meetings by u
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5

360 Degree Assesments

Category: Services
Designed to provide more accurate, reliable and credible information than traditional evaluation systems, 360 Degree Assessment is a multi-source assessment approach used for formal appraisal and other developmental purposes. By combining self-assessment with information gathered from subordinates, peers and managers in the organizational hierarchy, 360 Degree Assessment provides a complete, insightful and honest evaluation that is vital in improving both organizational and individual performance. Studies have shown that utilizing 360 Degree Assessments can influence a positive economic impact, increase employee engagement and reduce employee turnover.

By utilizing 360 Degree Assessment for your organization, you will be able to:
1. Promote a culture that encourages open communication,
honest feedback and continuous improvement.
2. Gain new and valuable insights regarding organizational
3. Identify key areas for growth, training and development
4. Obtain a clearer picture of your employees’ real worth
5. Expand your knowledge of strengths that can be used to
the organization’s best advantage.
6. Gain an increased awareness of how employees impact each other positively and negatively.
7. Take advantage of under-utilized personnel strengths to increase productivity.
8. Design more efficient coaching and training initiatives.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5