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I am a person with many hobbies, interests, and ideas. My particular interests are Drawing (which I have good background on) and Singing (which I enjoy and participate in regularly, but have no references for, sadly). I am currently writing a novel series with a friend of mine, and we are currently in the process of submitting it for copyrighting and publishing.
The job market's tight, obviously, so I'm hoping to take part in a few gigs here and there to make some extra money (what all teens want, eh?) for the Holidays especially. I do babysitting and such for two of my older sisters, who each have four kids, but most of the time it's for free. Since I'm used to my family, I'm really interested in getting to be a sitter for other kids! I love kids and want to strengthen myself in a field of childcare.

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Traditional Japanese-Anime Artist Roseville, MI
Come-to-You Babysitter Roseville, MI
Handmade Jewelry Roseville, MI
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Drawing, Writing, Singing, Kids, Sports, Collectible trinkets, Sewing, Garage-saling (ahah)
Work Experience:
I have never had an actual paid job. However, when I used to live in Flint, MI, I worked sometimes doing volunteer work. I helped out sorting food an clothing at a local church, and through the same church I worked voluntarily (while only one other worker besides me did so) doing yard work and outside labor during the summer. In miscellany, I worked as a volunteer Easter Bunny for a friend's Florist Shop for the children that came in on Easter weekend.
High School, with college-level studies in chemistry and mathematics.
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April Star is located in Roseville, MI and has the following skills: Traditional Japanese-Anime Artist, Come-to-You Babysitter, Handmade Jewelry
Art / Creative, Childcare
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Traditional Japanese-Anime Artist

Category: Art / Creative
I have been drawing for a hobby since I was twelve, and began selling my anime-style art when I turned thirteen. I am a commissions artist, I have done commissions online to get started and have done some at a small shop in my old hometown as well. I have sold ACEOs over the internet and as gifts in the shop of a friend of mine. Otherwise I do poster-sized art, or regular 8x10s - whatever suits your fancy!
On another note, I was petitioned (literally, yes) to reserve a Panel at Youmacon 2010 - an annual Convention, to be held at the Detroit Renaissance Center next year.
Relevant Education / Credentials
"Self-taught". Examples:
Years Experience: 4

Come-to-You Babysitter

Category: Childcare
I have babysat for friends and family since I was fourteen. I adore children, and have an elementary-level teacher on my list of potential career fields, so I am trying to gain experience dealing with them to find out if it's right for me. I love playing with kids to see what little inventions they'll come up with next!
I am extremely punctual and usually flexible with my schedule, so long as I'm not in school or out of town. However with unreliable transportation I would only be able to sit locally. Thank you!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Childcare Class taken through the Red Cross, particularly dealing with infants and toddlers.
Years Experience: 2

Handmade Jewelry

Category: Art / Creative
Recently I have taken up jewelry design, after being given a plentiful amount of beads from a friend who lost interest in the trade. I have created numerous pieces in numerous colors and styles but haven't a chance to sell them as of yet. I work with several bead types: Cute plastic decorations for the kids here, elegant pearls to match the neckline of your favorite garment there. I love incorporating natural "non-beads" into my necklaces especially. Whether it's a wire-encased tumbled rock as a pendant or cute little seashells strung in with pearls on a bracelet, I try to incorporate a great deal of nature into my designs.
Relevant Education / Credentials
A beginner, but a quick learner!
Years Experience: 1