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The support and guidance that I offer through Sacred Transitions is founded in 15 years of study in the healing arts and in alternative education as well as in my personal journey of wellness and inner peace. Through yoga, therapeutic massage, labor support, Reiki, chakra balancing, developmental movement therapies and sound healing my practice brings together a unique blend of expertise in the healing arts. I specialize in maternity massage, doula services, emotional awareness, and yoga for all stages of life.
Through my commitment to care giving, I forge my relationships based on trust and unconditional love. I know that bodywork and movement help us to reconnect with our soul’s truth and empower self-healing as we journey through all life’s sacred transitions. I continue to engage in educational opportunities to further my expertise in the bodywork field. This unique synthesis of the healing arts allows me to offer a holistic experience whether you’re interested in an ongoing yoga practice, pregnancy support, or an individual massage session. Namaste.

Profile Summary:
Therapeutic Massage Olympia, WA
Sound Healing Olympia, WA
Yoga Instructor Olympia, WA
Doula Olympia, WA
Maternity Massage~Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum Olympia, WA
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yoga, dance, gardening, hiking, reading
Work Experience:
I have worked in the field of education for 12 years before entering into the healing arts. While working through my own journey towards wellness I discovered my gift of healing and ability to hold sacred space for people to connect to their Divine truth. From this saced place I offer therapeutic massage, sound healing, yoga classes/workshops, doula services and reiki sessions.
Bachelors of Arts, The Evergreen State College, 2001
Doula Certification~PALS, 2003
Yoga Certification~Radiant Health Yoga, 2004
Port Townsend School of Massage, 2006
Organizations / Affilations:
American Massage Therapy Association
Thurston County Chamber of Commerce
Business Network International
Kristen Rubis is located in Olympia, WA and has the following skills: Therapeutic Massage, Sound Healing, Yoga Instructor, Doula, Maternity Massage~Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum
Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Therapeutic Massage

Category: Health / Fitness
I am a graduate of Port Townsend School of Massage. I have specialized training in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum massage. I believe sacred touch allows us to be present in our bodies and enables us to cultivate a sense of our breath and spirit. My massage practice helps clients to reach higher states of relaxation and wellness. As I listen with my hands and heart, I connect to my intuitive self while holding the clients’ goals in mind to implement an effective treatment. I provide a sanctuary for the senses, incorporating aromatherapy and sound acutonics during my massage sessions.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Years Experience: 2

Sound Healing

Category: Health / Fitness
Sound has the potential to release old wounds, ignite our spirit and re-unite us with our inner Divine truth. Throughout time and within many cultures, music and sound have been at the heart of healing. “The Acutonics Healing System is an energy-based non-invasive treatment that is similar to acupuncture and acupressure in that it accesses the body’s Meridian and Chakra energy systems. The tuning forks represent the harmonics based on our cosmos” (D. Carey). I use their powerful resonance and vibration to connect with the body’s natural frequencies, encouraging balance and promoting inner harmony in your entire being. The tuning forks offer a holistic affect by reconnecting you with your inner source of tranquility and wellness. I use the forks throughout a massage session or they can be done solely on their own creating individualized protocols. I use singing bowls, tingshas, bells, tuning forks, crystal bowls and gongs. “Sound calls our souls into the proper dimension and we begin to vibrate at the rate of our Soul Frequency” (Ancient Ren Teaching).
Relevant Education / Credentials
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Years Experience: 4

Yoga Instructor

Category: Health / Fitness
Yoga invites you to create a union with your body and breath that brings peace and contentment to your mind and spirit. Yoga is an art form, with the asanas and the chakras as its creative expressions. It is a discipline and practice involving techniques which influence physical health, mental well-being and spiritual awareness. Yoga enhances circulatory and respiratory function, improved body awareness, development of coordination and increased flexibility. My classes offer a connection between your body, mind and spirit, guiding my students to reconnect to their own Divine truth. You are invited to trust your heart and intuitive wisdom; to reawaken the healer within while listening to your body’s inner wisdoms. My classes empower individuals to be in the continuous flow of unconditional love and compassion while coming into a greater state of peace and wellness. I incorporate sound acutonics and aromatherapy into my classes for a more holistic experience.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Registered Yoga Teacher with The Yoga Alliance
Years Experience: 7


Category: Health / Fitness
The word “doula” comes from ancient Greek and is now used to refer to a womyn who serves other womyn. It is applied to childbirth to refer to “a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and after childbirth” (“Mothering the Mother”). As a birth doula I offer incessant, uninterrupted presence during your labor. I have knowledge of comfort measures and I help to advocate for you to acquire your wishes and goals. I also facilitate communication between you, your partner or family member, and any clinical care providers. Having a birth doula present during your birth may decrease your length of labor, reduce need for medications/interventions and increase time spent with your baby. “The acceptance of doulas in maternity care is growing rapidly with the recognition of their important contribution to the improved physical outcomes and emotional well-being of mothers and infants” (DONA).
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Doula through Pacific Association Labor Support
Years Experience: 5

Maternity Massage~Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum

Category: Health / Fitness
Pregnancy Massage:
While honoring the mother-to-be, this specialized massage helps develop sensory awareness and relaxation necessary for the birth experience and this sacred time. Pregnancy massage can alleviate stress on weight bearing joints and increase blood and lymph flow, reducing edema. My intent is to create sacred space and bring balance, comfort and total relaxation to the body, mind and spirit for all stages of pregnancy. I individualize each session to address the needs of the expectant mother in the present moment, emphasizing the connection between mother and baby. I use special pillows and bolsters for maximum comfort and release.
Labor Massage:
Massage during labor helps reduce anxiety, relieves muscle tension and other soft-tissue discomforts. This massage provides relaxation which can lead to a shorter, less painful birth experience. My supportive touch during labor helps diminish pain and may eliminate the need for medical intervention and medication. I also offer labor massage instruction to prepare and empower partners and other loved ones to offer nurturing touch to the mother in labor.
Postpartum Massage:
Postpartum massage focuses on the restoration and structural alignment of organs, muscles and tissues. This is an opportunity to gently return the body to its pre-pregnancy state, to alleviate pain, and to bring about a renewed sense of body and self. Specifically, my approach restores functional muscles used in the lumbar spine area and strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles stretched during pregnancy. After childbirth, many womyn have an intrinsic need to recount the details of their birthing experience. My massage may help release any emotional or psychosomatic experiences that she may have encountered during her pregnancy, labor or birth, easing the journey into motherhood. Postpartum massage can promote recovery from cesarean birth, including healing of an incision.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Licensed Massage Practitioner Certified Doula
Years Experience: 2