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The Last Option

Category: Real Estate / Property
THE LAST OPTION’s Trustee Veri??ied Delay Service offers a unique
service to homeowners who are on the brink of losing their home
to foreclosure. After all else has failed, THE LAST OPTION can help
delay the auction of your property. Through our specialized Trustee
Veri??ied Delay Service, we will require the third party Trustee to
verify certain rights and procedures before the auction. This means
that while the Trustee is researching and responding to speci??ic
violations in order to protect themselves from expensive liabilities,
you and your family get to live in the house that you still own.
TLO, LLC is in no way trying to permanently prevent foreclosure. At no point will TLO, LLC be contacting your lender or giving
you advice on how to prevent your foreclosure. TLO, LLC is simply working at the trustee level to delay the trustee sale of our client's
properties. We are not offering any legal advice nor representing you in any way. We advise clients to consult their local tax attorney
or professional. TLO, LLC is not collecting any advanced fees as services are provided prior to TLO, LLC being paid. TLO, LLC
Foreclosure Delay has no guarantees. TLO, LLC. should be used as the last resort for anyone who intends to keep their home after
exhausting all other avenues. All clients realize that THEIR HOUSE CAN BE FORECLOSED ON WHILE IN THIS SERVICE ”
Did your home sell through a trustee auction ?
We maybe able to have the sale reversed! and have your home returned to your possession!
Ask about sale reversals
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Mortgage Stop

Category: Real Estate / Property
Imagine never having to make another Mortgage Payment.Own your home Free and Clear with no Mortgage.
This is Not Loan Modification, Short Sale or Bankruptcy.
This is like nothing you've ever seen before!
We bring to the table 18 years of experience in the mortgage and financial services arean.
We have teamed up with the foremost experts in the field of Mortgage Forensics, utilizing a new and revolutionary process unknown to most forensics mortgage examiners.
Our process is not just a theory. Our process has been utilized successfully thousands of times.
The bottom line question? Would you like to immediately stop making mortgage payments and own your home free and clear within the next 4 to 6 months.
Its Legal, Its Moral, Its Ethical,It makes sense, Its your Right!
This can even stop foreclosure.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 16