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Category: Marketing / Sales
Do you need to buy a new or used vehicle? Do you dread going to the dealerships and being hasseled and mislead? Or is there simply not enough time in your busy schedule to get out and perform all of the steps needed to make an educated buying decision? Let’s face it for most Americans car buying is not a very enjoyable process and more often than not a hasty un-educated decision is made. Well, this is where I step in.
Hi, my name is James Walsh and I love buying cars. I have spent the last 2 years selling them and was pretty good at my job. I was the perfect strotype, fast talking, well dressed and full of answers. However being a salesman was not what I wanted to do. I have now found a way to work in the industy I love, and do it on the right side of the fence.
My job is simple; I meet with you and determine your needs in a vehicle and what you want in a vehicle. From there I use my resources to locate a short list of vehicles that will fit the bill. Following another conversation with you, we inspect the vehicle of your choice. If it’s a fit we discuss a narrow budget and I do the negotiation, no need for you to be placed in an uncomfortable position. When I have met your terms with the dealer you come in and sign up. Easy as that.
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Years Experience: 2