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I have 1 year of experience with Temporary Airbrush Tattoos skills in Osseo, MN.
My education and credentials include Registered Artist (Minessota Region) on TAT International (

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Temporary Airbrush Tattoos Osseo, MN
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Temporary Airbrush Tattoos

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The Urban Tribal Expressions Temporary Airbrush Tattoos experience is fun for people of all ages. Our clients love to watch them being applied just as much as they love to get them. The temporary tattoos last from 4-10 days, and with good care up to 2 weeks, then easily remove it with rubbing alcohol, baby oil or nail polish remover. Price range from $5.00 to $ 15.00 depending on colors, design complexity and size. Rate for events is $125.00, for 20 - 30 Tattoos (any size, design and color combination). For more information ask for Hector at Urban Tribal Expressions:
Cell: 469-230-2090 (Mobile) or

"Expressing Yourself with Temporary Airbrushed Body Art Tattoo: $5.00 - $15.00"

"Removing Temporary Airbrushed Body Art Tattoo 4-10 days later: Priceless"

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Registered Artist (Minessota Region) on TAT International (
Years Experience: 1